Possible to bind a spell or spirit to a money bill?

Regarding a curse, hex, or anything that could attract haunting or poltergeist activity if it’d be placed inside of a home. My house is haunted by parasites and generally irritating spirits and daily banishings and cleansing is not doing anything. It always comes back almost immediately. Apparently there’s no portals in my home either.

This started after me and my whole household got targeted by numerous hexes and a powerful death spell which we’ve been combatting and connecting the dots to for over a month. Me and my brother had a NDE and this curse broke our whole life down. We know who is behind this. While the curse has been broken and Opfaal also broke curses set to gifts he sent us, this money bill I also got as a gift is the only thing still remaining in my house from him.

What I got through my pendulum is that while the curse is broken from this bill, it still attracts spirits. Could this all be possible? If not, what could be some other factors for this activity of spirits? I can’t really trust a pendulum because this was also affected and manipulated by spirits during the curse