Possible sigil sensitivity technique?

I know this says something else. But for me the words really flash and inprint on my optical mind, so that when I am not looking at it I can still see it flashing even though i am looking at my keyboard typing this.
Could there be some way to have sigils put in this format, which may increase sensitivity or the remnant image on the optic mind ? Does that even make sense?

Possibly. The imprint or flashing of the image that you continue to see after looking away, is psychological. It has to do with your short term memory and your eyes processing the image. You don’t have to create a sigil using a weird pattern of zigzag or curvy black and white lines to accomplish this. If you focus on an image that just has very thick solid black lines, or solid blue lines on a white background, you can still achieve this effect. I accidentally created a pattern the other day that did this and the pattern appeared to move on its own. I will take a sigil and toy with my art software, see if I can add some effects to the sigil that will cause the effect you mentioned. If I find something that works well, I will share it here.

Okay here is something I made. It may not be what you’re looking for and there are a few tiny flaws which I can fix at any time but it is an optical illusion of sorts. If you look at this non-stop, focusing on the symbol, the glow around the edges will disappear and you will notice that the entire sigil will begin to glow instead, like the black lines themselves are starting to glow. Keep looking at it when the lines appear to glow because the sigil will then appear to be floating as if coming out of the computer screen. I used the color blue because Astaroth is known for identifying with blue.

I tried this, and if you can print this on white paper using color ink with a HIGH dpi resolution, it has the same effect on paper. I have not tested this effect with other shapes, only rounded sigils. I plan on making a slew of these anyway to keep on hand if needed, so if anyone wants a particular sigil let me know and I’ll post it here after I make it. This is just the test version. I need to fill in some spots that are missing color on the bottom edge of the sigil.