Possible shadow person?

So a very long time ago I was using Lucifer’s energy in a healing session (with his permission, this was reiki) and as I closed my eyes and opened up to the healing I kept seeing white flashes. So I open my eyes after grounding and walk out of my room which is my temple and I whip around and see the black siloutte of what appeared to be a male with a black aura. I jumped, but I didn’t feel scared it felt sentient, like it was incredibly knowledgeable. As soon as I saw it, it vanished. I’ve also seen black auras in and around me and my home. And today I was walking in the dark (cuz I’m a creep) and I see a black siloutte in the darkness across from me. I reassured myself and stated “I am not scared” then I heard a deep voice respond with “are you so sure?” Then in my third eye I see a solid black figure step forward just in front of me and then in my face and then move back. He shape shifted from a human like figure to a wolf to a dragon to a demon and back to a human like siloutte. “do not worry, I will not hurt you” then out of curiosity I asked “would you drain me?” And he replied with “no” “wait” I said. “You’re!..” “Him?” He replied as if he knew who I were talking about. I lost his location only to find out he was standing over me, behind myself. Then he reappeared in my kitchen across from me and now I’ve no clue where he is.

Would you guys say this is a shadow person and how would you recommend I deal with him? Because I’ve no idea how as I don’t even know how to feel about this

Try to talk to him. Also have some protection techniques and spirits on hand in case the shit hits the fan.

I’m thinking nyaralethotep Hekate Lucifer and Raphael would be good for this. Hekate is a fierce protector as is Lucifer and Raphael is an amazing healer. And nyaralethotep is my patron and a great protector and teacher. As is Hekate, she can also heal if need be

Also my dragons and godform

He likes to sit in the kitchen

So weirdly enough it is a shadow person. It doesn’t want to hurt me at all and I don’t mind it being around me. He likes to follow me and pretty never leaves me or my house. According to Lucifer he was trying to use the fact that I was using his energy to open my senses wide open to show me who I am, who I was and who I will be but was unsuccessful and only resulted in putting me in a state of panic. He says this shadow person will be very important in my time here on this path. So yeah I work with a shadow person. Also anyone know where I can find some white noise?? Apparently he likes that. And broken glass.

Hmm, sounds like a Choronzonic entity. As far as helpful goes, possibly. I had my experiences with the shadow guys once. I didn’t much care for it as I was woefully under prepared and it basically caught me off guard. It seemed forced, so I stopped doing anything.

Anyway, angels and creatures in general associated with Da’ath like white noise and glass breaking because of the nature of those creatures. Their influence is based around transmitting into open areas and they constantly transmit.

It’s not a thing of opening your third eye, per se, but it’s more along the lines of creating a constant stream of communication between you and your “higher self.”

The real downside to Da’ath creatures is that if you’re unprepared, you’ll go insane. The second is that they constantly demand transmissions and are always carrying an essence but have no form, usually demanding it at all times and once they’re through, nothing much happens.

White noise is TV static, I’m sure there’s numerous YouTube videos about it along with any TV. They usually hang out in kitchens because of the water aspect. Think of a river needing an outlet. Da’ath is basically the point between impulse to make something but without the desire to have it- fire between water, if you see the Divine Name drawn over the Tree of Life. You’ll also need some information on that to help keep you steady.

I don’t know if Lucifer would ever explain that to you or not. From my understanding, demons or spirits don’t always make the best teachers and sometimes kick people away for asking too much. At least, according to some YouTube videos. Not sure what the circumstances were.

Anyway, not sure of the nature of your Shadow Man. I met a few once, wasn’t really concerned with him. Hopefully your experience would be fine, just make sure you don’t cross the abyss (Da’ath) before you’re ready. Otherwise you’ll either die or go insane. Best of luck!

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I’ve been thinking of climbing the qliphothic tree.

He gave me a chant.


I like him so far. He’s interesting.