Possible run in with king paimon

well this happened a while ago but i just remembered it and i have not had the chance to ask for opinions on this.

I heard that a lot of people have had king paimon bang on things or make loud startling noises. well i was trying to work with him and i finished the ritual and when i was about to end it (i did not see him) i heard a very loud startling BANG in the basement. i just wanted some opinions on the ritual. Maybe it was because i have heard other stories of loud noises created by him and he was feeding off of that maybe? or possibly trying to scare me? any comments would be appreciated.


When he first visited me it was more like I had the feeling my room was a stadium and he and a horde of spirits came screaming in. I felt like I had spirits darting in circles around the room. It felt like a tornado.

The first thing I heard were claws and then hooves. And then trumpets started playing. At this point in my journey I wasnt ready for that sort of experience. So I ended up praying to archangel Michael while hearing buzzing in my ears and feeling taps and shoves on my back.(his host of spirits arent always as kind as he is) followed by a very loud ringing in my ears. I never banished or anything. It all subsided after I managed to sleep. And shortly after that I started having visions in my sleep.

What happened was. I spent 6 months making offerings to king paimon with an intention. But i never detached to let the spell go. Life happened and i had to move so I stopped the offerings that were accumulating towards that intent. And since I was moving I forgot about it and low and behold 6 months of energy was released and It conjured he and his spirits very well. But I wasnt expecting it when it happened and so i panicked.

He wasnt angry and he and I still have a very working relationship. He is loud tho, his actual voice is softer and more feminine than I expected from reading other peoples experiences.


well i did not take it as ill intent but as if he was trying to tell me he was here by making a noise not normal in my house like a loud bang i just assumed it was him verifying his power or his presence. thanks for your experience though seems like a few others i heard like the trumpets and hooves but never heard of the claws very interesting.


I believe he wanted to give you a sign that he’s there and that he heard you.

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