Possible Risks of Evocation

Looking at the fact that many of us here are concerned about summoning demons and their behaviours, Many of the demons mentioned have the ability to harm humans in many ways so please can we talk about the risks and dangers of summoning them.

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Uhh I don’t think any of us are “concerned” or else we wouldn’t do it. All you have to do is not piss them off, be loyal and kind.


I’m not trying to piss off anyone all I’m doing is searching for knowledge

No I mean the spirits you work with lol, I’ve never had one of them trying to harm me per say, if you’re courteous and respectful I don’t see a reason they will be harmful, considering you’re the one calling them, you are the magician remember that you have the power

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Thanks for the information, and also What would happen if you make the offering so small or even didn’t give the offering after they get the job done

Why are you thinking about these things, are you planning on promising something and not following through?

Please tell us more about you, your experience in magick etc.

I think that the general rule of thumb is don’t ask for anything if you aren’t going to hold up your side of the bargain. If you promise something in return for a result you want, do it. It’s like if a friend kept asking favors and you kept doing things for them, but they kept not doing anything in return, you’d stop doing favors eventually right? I’m fairly new here myself, but I don’t see a lot of fear or concern from reading the forums, there’s probably some but I think most who frequent here don’t approach without intent to follow through.


No, I’m not promising things I wouldn’t do and get away with it, But I’m thinking that what would happen if someone promised a very silly thing in return of a big thing

It would likely just get rejected if it is not what the spirit wants (although they very much may, who knows). I usually ask what they would like in return and bargain from there (for example, belial wanted a filet mignon and some very expensive liquor to test if I would. Due to my income at the time, I rejected it and counter offered with the best steak I could afford and a very good beer, which he accepted). If your goal with evocation is to establish a pact, it is important to remember that both parties can accept or reject the deal to put it in revision.

As for possible risks in evocation in general, I would say the biggest is imposters who are more likely to try to show up as you grow in power. The trick to weed them out is to test them in some way, such as asking their abilities (depending on how developed your astral senses are. In the beginning, they may come as random ideas popping into your head during the ritual if they are not fully developed), which will be a surprise with the real deal more likely. Establishing boundaries that define that only said spirit you are calling can be very useful as well (I cast a circle of flames for that purpose in ritual before I begin via visualization and pushing my will). But, like I said, it is more of a problem as you advance, not so much in the beginning, although practicing it at first would not be a bad idea.


if your mentally and psychologically healthy and have not depression and such problems thers nothing to fear

Years ago I read about being strangled, or a risk of being devoured or “destroyed”. Perhaps these referred to classical and full blown evocations with Spirits physically present and either disrespected, or mistakes being made.
The risks may be subtle, for example mental changes; and, not a bad thing but even by summoning an entity it happens to become similar to it, albeit in a slight degree compared to invocation; the entity itself may be banished but doesn’t really completely go.

The risks are simple: If you summon an entity and don’t bind it, it’s got control over the space and most everything in it, including you. If you summon it and bind it, it’s not liable to be very friendly and will screw you the instant you make a mistake.

[quote=“Melono, post:1, topic:84628”]
Looking at the fact that many of us here are concerned about summoning demons and their behaviours
[/quote] when you say that,

it’s okay to say that it’s your concern. In my view, many of the myths and fiction in the modern world portray demons as drooling unintelligent snarling beasts that are unable to control themselves from murdering or assaulting everything near them. This has not been my experience. In fact (as you might say), some are very wise, refined, and even kind.

If it’s all new to you, I can understand your hesitation. I’d recommend you read Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield or check out EA Koetting’s course “Mastering Evocation.” Most likely, any harm that might potentially come would be from you just not being ready yet. Everyone starts sometime.

By the way, King Paimon and Duchess Bune always come across as very wise and even patient. They might be good ones to start with. Good luck on your quest.


If you can’t even take the time to read the rules or post an introduction as instructed what hope do you have with magick seriously?

You posted a random what if question, None of us know who were talking to or what kind of experience you have to even tailor the correct advice for what you’re asking.

What if the world ends tomorrow, what if I make a left instead of a right and get run over by a bus what if I go outside in the snow and get sick what if I eat anything and I get food poisoning. That’s along the same lines as your question in my opinion.

I’m not responding to you anymore until I know who you are