Possible resurrection?

I know it may sound childish, but i cannot cope with my mom’s recent death.
Is there any entity or someone that could help bring her back?

Thank you.

Not really, no. You could evoke her spirit, but that’s about it. If you want to contact or work with the dead, you’ll want to look into necromancy


Necromancy is not something i’m willing to do, not anytime soon anyway…
But thanks for your reply.

What’s the best way evoking her spirit without other interferences?

I’m sorry for your loss.

What you’re saying is not childish. Being unable to cope with a death in the family is pretty normal.

I’m afraid to say that what you’re asking for isn’t possible. If I were you, I’d call on Archangel Azrael for grief counseling.


Thank you very much, i will look for his sigil and try it.

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If you search “evocation guide”, using the search function, you should be able to find a few different methods. Try them out and see which best suits you.


biffrons it said that can make a contact with dead spirits he will aslo help you to get through the pain


So sorry for your loss, there is nothing childish about this.

Buné can provide considerable assistance in speaking to the souls of those who have passed on, copy her sigil and before bed, ask her to allow your mother’s spirit to visit you in dreams, this may help take the edge off the grief somewhat to begin with.

This is her sigil and the text below is her enn, chant this nine times before you place the sigil under your pillow (you can copy the sigil or print this image I made):

If you begin to learn magick and especially soul-travel you will be able to contact her in a harmonious manner that will means she becomes a part of your life as one of your spiritual allies, and you will be able to communicate with her just like any other spiritual being, which is what we all are, beyond the manifest bodies we use briefly in this world.

Sending hugs, this must have been a tough time of year for you, but try to work on your studies. I’m going to send you part one of the simplest and safest method I know to travel in spiritual realms and meet with spirits, including of the deceased. :bouquet:


Thank you so so much.
I will try tonight. :smiley:

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First off, I feel for you. Her spirit rests, and you should too. Take some time and grieve properly before you do any spirit work.

Along the Dead the rest they need. Your mother needs to rest now, she needs time. Allow her at least SOME time to rest before you call her.

I’ll quickly admit to my shortcomings, but the Dead are a subject that I claim ample knowledge of.

I’ll not tell you what to do, I will only ask that you allow your mother some time. If you need to talk, we are here.

No, resurrection is not possible, she is gone from this plane, but she will be there for you in the future.

Again, if you need to talk, we are here.


Resurrection is possible. It is magic of a higher order that only the highest adepts can accomplish and then only by a process engaged with long before death. The process involves the deconstruction of the personality such that the Atman can reconfigure it and express itself through it in a way that is untarnished. This process is called kenosis in Greek. Upon the subsequent death of the physical body the renewed personality (astral and etheric bodies) may then take on a new physical existence. Note that this is not the same as the previous body of the adept, but one in its likeness. This new physicality has a multi dimensional existence that is capable of transcending the limitations of consensus reality.

Again, this is very rare. I know of only three cases. What you are asking is not impossible, but neither is it the result of a simple spell or evocation. It is nothing less than the alchemical Great Work. Rather, as has been posted above, maybe directing your energies towards your own healing is a more practical use of your time and resources.

I am so sorry for your loss and I wish you every blessing.


She died unexpectedly on 24th November 2018.
Do you think is enough time passed, or should i wait a bit longer before calling her?

Thank you for the details.
So even if would be possible to ressurect, that process should start long before death.

I understand what i would like is not possible, but yes atleast seeing and talking to her in a lucid dream would help a lot!

My father is the only one so far that had a visit from her around 2 weeks ago. They been married for nearly 40 years and he is completely wrecked that she doesn’t talk to him in his dreams.
One of the dreams he had was that my mom was sitting on a couch next to my grandmother (which is still alive) and when my grandmother touched her, her “soul” flew away and left a pile of bones behind.
After this dream my father woke up.
When he fell asleep again, my mother came again to him and asked him “Do you want me to come back?” My father was shocked and woke up again.

Don’t know what these dreams meant, thats why i was curious about ressurection.

Finally, i am so glad that i joined this community!
The support i got from you is priceless!
Thank you.


I’d simply leave her be. The Dead like their repose. However, if it is something of dire importance, then do what you must.

I must add, simply to alleviate your grief is not a good reason. You will have to let her spirit go at some point. Even if you call her every day and get a full on manifestation, you are not helping her.

Grieve. You need to let go. The power of your tears to the Dead is more than you could know.

As a voice of the Dead, please, let her rest, cry your tears, and be stronger for it. I beg of you.

Understand that if you call her to you, you are disturbing her rest, I would much love to see my grandmother, and show her just how much I have improved would be nice, but calling her spirit to me would only disturb her Repose, it would slow her Ascent to her next life.

You have to understand that death is a natural part of life, life must end, and the dead must rest and gain strength for their return, and if you disturb that rest, you slow their return to this world.

Be sure that if you call her to you that you do not do so for selfish reasons.


I don’t know How recent it is but if she passed away before 42 days it is better to let her rest in peace.

And also know that a part of her is still in you ( genetics ). You are in a way an extension of her astral body in the physical world. So i would suggest to regularly offer her. Water for peace, Food for strength. Offer Incense and state that ‘may it take the shape of your/her heart’s desire’.

As a result her astral body ( where ever it is, be in some other reincarnated body or some astral realm ) will get peace and benefit. And also a part of you ( which come’s from your mother ) will also be soothed and on practical aspect, many problems in your life will be lessened.

Seems like you really love your mom, lucky guy.


I was in contact with my own deceased family members before 42 days, it’s best not to evoke that person to right in front of you in this world, but travelling to their Higher Self using shamanic journeying is perfectly safe, will not disrupt the process people go through adjusting to the state change, though in some cases that person has baggage to deal with and may be more pre-occupied with that than with communicating - but you will know this, they can make you aware.

Staying in communication with one’s ancestors on a different level whereby they become life-long guides was considered relatively normal until recently. I don’t subscribe to the idea “dead is dead” - we are spirits having a physical experience. JMO though, I hear what people are saying and why, I just choose to live my life in a different manner.

One of my own parents is deceased and I seek their insight and guidance quite regularly, other times they spontaneously manifest and talk to me.

You could, if you wished, speak to her Higher Self without risk? I think you have part 1 of the core shamanism tutorial, Higher Self can be contacted from part 2 onwards. I’ll only be on in short bits today, so I’ll resent 1 anyway just in case. :smiley:


Thank you very much for such comforting words.
Yes, i do love her and if i could give my own life to bring her back, i would do it in a heartbeat.
She meant the world to me and dying unexpectedly at such young age without being sick, just killed me inside.


I understand, but she would never want that, the worst thing for any parent is to see their children harmed in any way, hopefully one day you will be a parent and that will reveal this. You honour her most by living and doing whatever it takes to be able to heal, there’s no right way to grieve but one day the pain will fade, and the happy memories will still be as strong.

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That was just such a lovely and comforting message for anyone who’s ever lost someone I had to tell you. Such healing words


This. Manifestation on this world for a deceased can be really traumatic for them, but it’s perfectly fine and safe to travel to their HS and communicate with them this way.


I would recommend to read book of the spirits from Alan Kardec. Are 5 books

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