Possible meaning of this odd dream?

I had a vivid dream last night that was influenced by seemingly nothing, as I had gone to bed directly after a long a tedious night of college homework. It was quite detailed, so this will be somewhat of a long read. :sweat_smile:

I was in a dimly-lit and spacious location with at least 10-20 other people (could not tell if outdoors or indoors, as I was too focused on what caught my attention the most). We were all dressed in black robes and stood before a huge statue of an owl (stood at least 20 feet tall or more). This place had a nice and even stone floor, and a short set of very elongated steps led up to the somewhat higher floor the owl was on. This whole ritual look like it took place on a sort of stage. On a small (3 ft long, 2 ft wide) stone table in front of the owl was an offering of a wicker person that a woman placed there to be set fire by everyone who carried a candle.

As the wicker sacrifice burned, the energy of the whole room rose. Everyone started to chant and sing, some even dancing enthusiastically around the platform. One person here and there would go into a trance as they knelt down on one knee, bowed their head, or showed respect to the owl statue in some way. Some even escalated to being more openly intimate with one another to build up sexual energy. I was part of the few who were absolutely mesmerized by the owl and barely budged; something seemed so familiar about all this. I felt special to be a part of this secret coven and took all of it in.

When the ritual was over, everything vanished like a movie fading out to black and I magically teleported back to my house. I was no longer wearing my previous garments and was back in casual clothing. My mother walked up to me in my dream to ask me where I had been, and I looked her in eyes and said without hesitation, “Absolutely nowhere, doing absolutely nothing”. The dream ended then and there. When I woke up, I recalled it clearly and was immediately reminded of the stories I’ve read about Bohemian Grove and the Cremation of Care. Any thoughts on such a dream?

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Your vision focuses on a ritual with a coven where you are worshipping the figure of an owl which sets a theme for the first part of your vision for a symbol of you’re expanded awareness and magical virtue, knowledge and insight.

Because owls hide in darkness and fear the light, they are often perceived as the symbol of death and the unconscious. The human sacrifice and burning death of the victim to the owl God and death often carries only negative connotations, but the owl can also be seen as the guardian of the underworlds, messenger of secrets or protector of the dead. You must sacrifice to gain knowledge.

You are seeking knowledge of the occult and a message is being sent to you from the spirit realm, that you have been heard and the gift of knowledge and foresight is yours.

This is actually quite fascinating and makes a lot of sense. I’m always seeking some form of enlightenment, whether it be over magick, a certain spirit or being, or simply a chosen area of study. My brain tends to kick into high gear at night, which is often when I feel the most work gets done (whether it be college homework, creative hobbies, or evocations). I’m sure there are many other “night owls” out there who can relate, haha.

Despite those negative connotations, I felt like I actually belonged with this coven filled with people I had yet to recognize. If I had this dream more than a year ago when I was more on the devout Catholic side of things, I most likely would have flipped out and thought I was doing something wrong; strangely enough, I never dreamed about rituals when I was a more active participant in church. My first “non-Christian” dream was actually my very first encounter with Lucifer, which was the most breathtaking experience I’ve ever had before I fully embarked on the Left Hand Path. I had to phase through hundreds of floors in a skyscraper before reaching the topmost floor and calling out for him (which I felt compelled to do despite calling myself a Catholic at the time). He was correct when he told me we were going to speak again later and I felt his powerful presence during my first evocation. The best words I could use to describe this is a “fire geyser” of powerful energy shooting up from the base of my spine.

Sacrifice in exchange for knowledge… Even the smallest genuine effort can make the biggest change in the long run, and I’m feeling it firsthand. Breaking away from the chains I had been raised with my whole life (dogma) was tough and took a few days of effort. I am starting to reap what I sow (calling out for guidance and receiving messages in dreams), and I feel that the final part of my dream where I omit the truth is the part that corresponds to real life where I must hide the truth of my spiritual progress from the Christian relatives I live with and can’t move away from.

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I am curious did you write that you are a practicing Catholic and perform black magic or lhp rituals?

I used to be a practicing Catholic, but I also was practicing Catholicism while looking into my growing interest for spiritual things that weren’t strictly Christian-based (such as researching Wicca but not practicing because I used to adhere to the dogmatic rules). It used to be more on the RHP side, and also I used to be a huge believer in the “Threefold Law”. That dream I had with Lucifer occurred during the time I was a practicing Catholic, but it was during a point where I felt like I was in a spiritual tug-of-war where I had to make a choice and stick with it. The more I researched the occult and the LHP, the more information I craved. I felt especially drawn to Lucifer despite the fact that Christianity paints him and various forms of him as the #1 villain.

Back in my more lukewarm Christian days before I came more devout, I didn’t even hate Satan (or “the enemy”, as they called him). The sentiment could be described with a statement like, “Hey, I’m not on your team, but I still respect you.” I didn’t try to evoke any spirits or demons, but I didn’t outright insult them or deny their existence. When I started being a bit more of a devout Catholic after going through their confirmation process, I felt like I had a closer relationship with God. The devoutness felt neat but was short-lived, as there was another feeling I had deep within. Even though I seemed to fit in perfectly with my family because everyone else is Catholic, I internally felt like a black sheep.

Sometimes I think back on my days where I was more devout than ever and contemplate whether or not I was actually just lying to myself because those dogmatic values that were chained to me were still trying their best to hold on tightly before I broke them. When I secretly left the faith (“secretly” because I still pretend to be a Catholic in front of my family), it wasn’t like ripping out a splinter that was embedded in my skin. I simply did an about face and started walking on the path that resonated with me the most (I never used Christianity as a spiritual crutch to depend on). Prayers were what I was familiar with the most at the time, so I took the first step and prayed out loud in the opposite direction of God after I had the first dream with Lucifer. I drew his sigil on paper and I did this 3 nights in a row before I experienced the “fire geyser” energy on the 3rd night. It was a game changer that allowed me to destroy the dogmatic chains in my mind and keep going down the new path I chose. Later on, I discovered how Christian prayers have been used for people and against people; in the simplest of terms, communicating with beings that have some form of power and sending out your intent whether that person wants your prayer or not. This taught me not to tell any of my Christian friends about my new spiritual path because of the prayer interference that may occur in the future with rituals.

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You have walked down several paths, interesting story with many twists and turns… Thanks for sharing.

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Haha, indeed. After taking so many detours, I’m feeling like I’ve finally settled on just one. I’m always happy to share a story with an ear that’s willing to hear (or eyes willing to see, in this case :stuck_out_tongue:).

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