Possible Gaia experience?

Normally when I’m overwhelmed with emotions and feeling down, I take it as a sign to cleanse and ground myself again in order to release any extra baggage on me. It’s some of the most satisfying work in do. This involves cleansing my entire body, inside and out, including my chakras. This time I was having difficulty focusing so I put my bare feet on the cold floor to stay in the present and avoid my mind from wandering off. I connected myself to the earth like a link and took it’s energy into my body and released my negative energy. My entire being was consumed in a sense of relief as I felt all the negativity wash off me. After this, I began thinking of how great earth was for giving me such relief and taking the suffering off my being. My mind kept thinking, then it shifted towards Gaia as I welcomed this cleansing energy. I felt a rush of sexual energy for a second, then it left. After all this was done, I got an urge to go outside barefoot and just feel the wet grass on my feet as I walked across it, connected to nature. Truly a very spiritual and calming experience. Still don’t know what to make of it really.

Yesterday while doing spontaneous yoga I had a spirit claiming to be Gaia appear. She apparently wants my help in her mission of stewarding the planet is what she told me. I worry about the validity of this because of what I have read on the forum, but I suppose when I think back to the experience it was quite loving and did not seem to want anything from me specifically other than help with taking care of life so I’m pretty down with that haha

Very unusual though, not would have expected to have any spirit reach out to me after having one do it but I guess I will have to carefully continue