Possible encounter with the fae

i was with a friend in the woods and we found some magic shrooms and we decided to take them. this happened yesterday and it was very dark outside. anyway as we were staying there i was hearing something like a party with many voices and singing in the distance. in the village next to the woods there was no concert or something like that to make such noise and i thought that it could be a riot for a second. then as i was listening he said to not focus on the song even though i never told him that i was hearing a song because they may try to enchant me or something like that. i heard that the fae like to have parties but the fae are not something i studied so i don’t know much about them. what do you think?

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They’re very playful and mischievous at times. Some are tricksters lol. Forest/ woods and places of nature is usually where you will find one.

This sounds like part of an episode from Carnival Row.

i know, what do you think would happen if i go the song next time

There are numerous beings who can sing and share melodies in their time of solitude or not. There’s a good chance your just hearing a being sing. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s to enchant or what not. I get that people first thought is that all beings want to do harm but it’s not true.

unless you seriously seriously know what you’re doing, DON’T EAT MUSHROOMS YOU FIND IN THE FOREST.
if this story is true you got lucky.


i know, and i know that they were good shrooms because i checked to see if they ar e poisoned and i asked my spirit guides. and every time i was closing my eyes and opened them i felt a little reborn