Possible Dream Interpretation?

I’ve been working on opening my third eye to help with me becoming clairaudient and it’s been giving me extremely wild and vivid dreams. My dream I had last night, I can’t remember most of it, but I remember the most important part.

A deep female voice was speaking to me and she said,

“Walk 29 miles to open your third eye. When you get there [my destination], you’ll meet a friend. Don’t worry. They’re nice.”

What could this mean?

Anyone can reply or PM me if you’d like to talk about it or any of my other dreams. I’ve been writing all of them down as soon as I wake up.


Get your shoes laced and start with the rising sun.
It’s instructions.


What exercises have you been doing to open your 3rd eye and clairaudiant abilities? And for how long?


I’d say bring some water. My last 24 miler and I was pretty damn thirsty. Ah the Kansas walking/bike paths last forever.


Sounds like the ghede to me.