Possible Demonic Betrayal and Death of Loved Ones?

Hey everyone, I need some serious advice. I’ll tell you what has been going lately. For the past 4 years, I have been involved in Theistic Satanism. Just recently (maybe afew weeks ago) I tried to summon Metatron, the angel of esoteric spirituality. I used a couple of the same candles that I used years ago for an initiation ritual in Theistic Satanism. When I called upon Metatron and asked of him to teach me about the secrets of esoteric spirituality. I didn’t see Metatron ‘physically’. I didsee some interesting patterns in my third eye as well as I noticed the candle on my left was flickering almost as if rapidly or even “violently” while the candle on my right remained calm. But that isn’t the huge thing right now. Lately, I have started to experience a few loved ones passing away as well as friends experiencing similar situations. As I write this right now, I know of three deaths and three others that are in ill health. They all seem unrelated other then me being connected to these 6.


Can you please give us little more detail? Let me explain…

7 years ago, after the passing of my mother, me/my/our family had six (6) additional deaths of family members ans/or very close family friends within the same year.

I personally was NOT involved in The Occult as much as I am currently.

PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong, but, from your post title and from what you are sharing…are you trying to say that you feel that the Daemons betrayed you by causing all these deaths?

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Just a thought sometimes you have to tune out things people Have Said in The Past To You.esp Christian Influence that effects us all.sometimes the superstitous silly stories that people say about the occult may cause paranoia. cause when something goes wrong suddenly the powers of the words of condemnation can be seen as pictures in your head trying to make you belive that god is punishing or the devil.but in reality its just in your head.bad things happen in everyday life.but you have to stick with it thats what koetting has inspired me to do when he says in works of darkness the neophyte has usually spent himself of the majority of conflicting emotions and debris of religon while having fought his former self and won. Awhile ago i was watching stunts that go wrong on television and they had a bunjie jumper who was injured severly in a fall.but this same bunjie jumer after he got well,insanely decided to do it again.when asked why the man said he loves it.i thinj when people get passionate about things

I doubt it. Demons honestly don’t care if you work with angels.

Sorry everyone. Just alot of paranoia. When I had first started out in the occult, I was full out theistic satanist and I guess I was just worried when I had first tried working with angelic entites.

Maybe betrayal is not whats going on but a chaotic mix of energies? That can definitely happen. I really recommend being confident when working with Angels.

Do you know anyone that might want to curse you or those around you?