Possible curse on a friend - would love someone with knowledge of hoodoo and herbs to take a look


Hello Balg, and all of you beautiful people within it.

A friend of mine was given a, what I believe to be a mojo bag from a friend of hers who claims she’s a medium.
I get a very strange vibe around this particular woman, and ever since the mojo bag was given to my friend she has been experiencing some… Odd occurances.

As mojo is well out of my repitoir, I’d love for someone to take a look and see if there’s anything possibly sinister to it, or just a good deed.

This is the mojo bag.

Known ingredients;

  • Cinnamon
  • Nugmeg
  • Amethyst and Tigers eye
  • Lavender
  • Gum leaves

Any advice would be muchly appreciated, thank you.


It’s a lovely gift


Its not so much the contents of the bag but the intent and or ritual behind it. Usually these items are created as a ward or good luck charm for an individual who has it made or made for them. Was this bag given to your friend as a good luck talisman? If not there might be some malice behind it it all depends on the user.


It was given to her by her friend as a safe travel charm.

Given the replies, I’d assume it’s safe.

Thank you for your help. (:


Its safe


If it’s something negative and her guts tells her is the mojo bag, then she should get rid of it.
The best way to plant a curse to someone is to make your target treasure the link. :wink:


It looks safe, but it could be the mean for evil aims to get done via a hex or curse casted upon it. U need to check if the giver has any bad intention upon ur friend


There’s definitely something off about the energy. When I visualised it I saw two black tendrils flowing into the third eye and a black mist moving around the throat.
It could be perfectly fine, but it’s one of those enchantments that you shouldn’t trust unless you cast it yourself ie. You know exactly what it is.


If in doubt, just petition Focalor or Opfaal to remove any curses that may be active for your friend. Cos it’s hard to tell from a pic whether a mojo bag is legit. :slight_smile:


I would get rid of it and put it into a bag with lots of salt in it and then have a full on salt cleansing bath ritual just in case

I always say make your own witch jars and mojo bags. I,myself would not trust this at all. It has some darkness to it.

Benign ingredients can be hexed and hide their intentions


It “ appears” safe and the ingredients are all on the good witch list. But it feels wrong and could very easily be used to take something from your friend. You could give it back to the earth or in my opinion I would burn it along with the givers intent.