Possible Bune Success

Yesterday I got out a sigil of Bune. I asked her to begin leading me into financial abundance. I laminated her sigil and placed it into my wallet. This morning I meditated on it and asked her to bring me $200 today. My boss then gave me precisely that amount for a Christmas bonus. I gave Bune a thank-offering of incense. I don’t know if this success was just coincidence due to the fact that my meditation was not deep. Another thing that makes me skeptical is the fact that I didn’t promise her an offering. I just asked her to help me. Any thoughts?


I literally just started having her name pop up more and more into my head. Lo and behold I got an additional bonus (I already got my Christmas bonus) as a special thank you. So I believe it was the Duchess.

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And no, I didn’t do an offering or a calling or anything like that , it just happened out of thin air.