Possible block in place?

As I continue to work through things and start on my pathwork, like many others im struggling with my visualizations, but I keep plugging away at it hoping ‘today will be the day’.

Yesterday I had a thought come to me and I thought I’d throw it outbto the forum to see if maybe there’s anything to it.

I’ve had a draw to the occult since I was a kid. I grew up in a very Christian home, spent a lot of time being prayed over, and as a ‘troubled teen’ spent many a night in church having ministers praying, performing laying of hands, im even sure there were some attempts at exorcism lol

Is it possible that there may have been some sort of binding or blockage placed on me that might be hindering me at this point? Something preventing me from moving forward with my communication or am I just justifying?

I try not to ignore ‘nagging thoughts’ so thought I’d get some outside opinions. Any thoughts at how I can just rip through this block if so?

Damn, what sort of church was your family involved in, that stuff you described hardly sounds normal.

Pentecostal - saw a lot of crazy stuff. These folks were tapped into something

No, there’s no blockage. You just need to get into a deep theta trance and visualization will be cake.

yup, take your time, magick is a long run

Appreciate the input all, ill just keep at it then

The one major piece of advice that I’d offer is to have fun with it. Remember when imagination was never something that you had to work on? Because it was never work, it was fun. Get back to that!

“Any sufficiently advanced form of work is indistinguishable from play. And that’s Work with a capital W as well.” - Joshua Madera from his lecture at the Esoteric Book Conference 2013