Possible apparition of amon?

Last night was pretty rough for me. I had originally petitioned Gaap for a very important (and imo, extremely easy for someone of his caliber) task to perform. This was a few weeks ago, and since then, i had seen nothing but opposite results. I wont lie, i was pretty fukken desperate for positive results, but oh well.
I was pretty mentally and spiritually broken, and messaged another user who’s wisdom i greatly respect. We talked about taking strategic baby steps instead of just diving in with my eyes on the prize.
One of these baby steps was reinitiating contact/reconciliation/etc, and i flipped through DoM looking for someone capable of accomplishing that. Amon was one candidate, though i had later narrowed it all down to Orias and Foras.
Later though, while in bed, i was trying to clear my head and perform a meditation when a figure appeared in my head. What struck me the most was how gentle and soft worded he was. While that is by no means an abnormal trait, for some reason it really stood out to me. I tried figuring out who he was, and once i said “Amon”, he smiled and immediately vanished.
Later today, i decided to read a bunch of threads here regarding him, and read that he is indeed quite the kind spirit.
Do you guys really think it was him? Should i petition him instead of Orias and Foras?

I believe it was him. He always appears to me as a soft spoken “He-Man”, so to speak. I would petition him first, this could be his way of reaching out to you. Good luck.

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