Hello there,
Is it possible for me to posses someone who is willing but do not believe in magic and that stuff. If yes how?


Yes it is possible.

There are a variety of techniques, but all of them are going to take a lot of practice and dedication.

If you look in Franz Bardons book Initiation into Hermetics, you will find a section on the transferring of consciousness at Step V. He describes it at a base level with animals and objects and even people.

There are also a variety of TK techniques that require you to ‘become one’ with the object you are trying to use your mental powers on. You might try to flow your consciousness outward and into the person using similar methods?

EA even mentions the possibility of a total takeover in the more advanced sections of his books. I don’t remember the exact ones. However, there is a lot of people talking about it and so the possibility should not be out of reach.

One could assume the amount of control and entire experience is up to the skill level of the magician and how much they practice this skill.

Experiment. Trial and error is your friend here.

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soul travel and possess someone by going into their body.

Is that a topic? or method?

do you know what astral projection is?

yes i do

so learn to do that and then go into someone’s body. If they have shields then attack them.
@DarkestKnight knows a lot about taking someone’s body

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ok now lets wait for him to reply


Ea teaches it in his soul travel course

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i have his mastering evocation course but i need to wait until i buy that course


His book evoking eternity helped me start my evocations.

Just got the Soul Travel course, which sounds intriguing. I had a hard time going through his divination course and will have to supplement it with other books, but I’m still really looking forward to this course.

Just out of curiosity, why try and possess another human, or anything? To manipulate them? To test your limits?

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