I know it’s possible for demons to possess us. Is it possible to flip that and go inside the demon even if for just a very brief moment? Asking because I had one wild experience the other day.

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Yes, totally, not just demons either. I actually did this very recently, and you can also merge with certain gods (“godforms” or whatever, I treat 'em as personalities) - that last is an established thing in magickal practice.

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Its was a great experience, I hope to have again! :slight_smile:

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not to open new subject, can anyone tell me how to increase the strenght of posession?

when i get inside my temple, a full posession explodes and i operate from a different, more powerful perspective.

but, when i get out of the temple, i tend to normalize.

so, my question is… is it at all possible to go all out crazy posessed, being completely changed?

as far as it seems for now, my spiritual practice is very user friendly and non-destructive socialy. and this actually bugs me. of course, i may consider my self very lucky, because i don’t have any negative backlash from all my workings. only increased social and magickal development with greater sense of perfect action.

but still, i’m too social. i work in a school, with a lot of kids and grownups, and i’m kinda person to go to for wisdom, organization and getting things done, which always opens more oportunities to socialize with them.

almost every day i sit and drink coffee or two with someone, smoking cigarettes and playing the role.

and before i got into posession, i thought that being posessed will change everything.

maybe i didn’t do the posession good enough.

but still, when i get into magickal states, since the posession, i feel and act different and with more power.

if anything, being posessed, it seems that i walk more firmly on the ground, calmer and i feel more normal then i felt before.

my spirits say that posession is a process which has begun actually before i even asked for a posession.

so, from my limited experience, i now see posession as straightening of your Self, and not actually giving your body to some entity to control.

yeah… it seems that i hold more control over myself then before posession.

but then again, all my experiences differ to what most people say. and i’m only learning to trust myself. i love this topsy turvy psychonautic madness :slight_smile:

Well for me when Azazel possessed me I was in my alter space and actually I had been planning on contacting Amy but somehow before the candles were even lit it became all about Azazel. I remember saying his Enn over and over like a mantra. Then the room seemed to stretch out and then go back together my ears popped and I remember speaking in a language I had never spoken in before some of it I remembered and wrote down. I think the full effect lasted about two hours but ever since then I cannot eat pork at all. Which is not something I would have just cut out. I really love bacon lol but now I look at anything pork and it almost grosses me out. I care more about my health and am starting to learn self defense. Its like I make a change get adjusted to it and then I get hit with either another change or something to learn. Its been a challenge everything happens faster than I can keep up. So then things slow for like a week and then I’m hit with another wave. I can honestly say though all the changes and everything I’ve been learning are making me stronger, healthier, and all around better person. But I think Azazels enn was a big key to. It deffinately helped unlock a door for me.