I want to get possessed by azazel what should i do

Why do you want Azazel to possess you?

Ummm yes… exactly what Lady Eva said…

Because i want his powers

Oh, right - call him, say Azazel, possess me now, I want your powers to be my own."

If - IF - you’re somehow a blessed person with an innate genetic/ancestral/past-life right to this, it will happen immediately, he might even put a bow on top of them.

If not - if, like the rest of us, you’re at varying levels of innate/inherited ability, then you’re going to have to work on:

  1. your psychic skills, so you can interact with spirits, and ask them how to acquire powers;

  2. a basic understaing of what are called “working methods” of magick, which means, the way people before you successfully attained their goals;

  3. the ability to read and resaearch - read replies to your former posts on here for more on that.

I’m trying to be hepful, not snippy, but please understand curt and simplistic questions like this are prone to make you look like someone who wants a soundbite answer that does all the work for you, and zero actual commitment to doing the work.

I want you to have the ability, so I’m trying to steer you towards how you’ll get it.

Azazel is strict. I’ve had to make a lot of changes and put in a lot of work. I have to write in my journal 3 times a day, meditate 3 times a day, keep my chakras in order, I’ve had to completely cut out eating pork(and I love bacon!) I’m learning two languages, and work full time. So unless your ready for some serious hard work you might want to wait on that. This is of course just my experience with Azazel.

So fucking true!!! Bro this is definitely a be careful what you wish for type of dude … Eva since I pm’d you that, nothing has been the same and it may have been abrupt but totally worth it.

Movement and change came in under 24 hours redy or not it was there/here cuz it’s still going on …

In my experience, best first work with dead possesing you…i know many of you will say that it is dangerous because of death essence, but the fact is that you can see are informations you gain true or false trought looking into their life afterwards, with spirits it may be a little more difficult.And if you dont want to be intoxicated with death essence you may use this system only couple of times to get the feeling

Take one dead spirit that you dont know much about but you can find it later, make possesion and than look what informations you gain trought possesion…lets say that he/she said he wasnt in good relationship with his/her familly, and if you later find that is to be true well done, if not…may be you must to work more.

Why do u want his powers?

just invoke Azazel and then when he is present tell him to rise within your mind and body in possession. State that it your will the possession become a full body possession in ecstasy.

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