I want to get fully possessed by
1.sastan to help me with all the forms of seership
2.paralda to get mental clarity and photographic memory. The reasoning is because ea koetting said when you undergo full possession you inherit all the power and knowledge of that spirit and I feel getting possessed by these spirits is good way to start my occult journey and I think it will help alot because I have learning disabilities but before I get possessed by these spirits I want to develop a connection with them before hand so I can get a feel for them. Is this good way of going about it skiping a lot of the hard work and just getting possessed.


@bfields5 Getting possessed before you have developed a substantial connection through evocation and invocation is probably not the best way to start. It’s probably not going to work, and also potentially dangerous. The entities are just so…intense. I have had grimoires warning that you might lose yourself entirely even with a benevolent entity. They are not trying to take you over or anything but the energies could potentially wreck you body, mind and soul.


No. As you say. skipping the hard work and “just getting possessed” will avail you nothing. It sounds like you are just looking for short cuts to power. You want all these things, but you don’t want to DO what is required to obtain them. Possession is not easy, contrary to what you see in the movies or hear from fanatical Christians. If you cannot see or hear a spirit, how will you know it has possessed you? How will you know if it even wants to? Yes, a spirit must want to possess you. It won’t do it just because you asked it to. It can refuse. Usually, you must build a relationship with the spirit before hand. Would you want to share the body of someone you don’t know? You need to learn the basics first. Possession is an advanced skill, as without the knowing the basics, you would have no idea of what could go wrong, or how to eject the spirit if need be.


I talked about this with Eric and it intrigued him.

I do invocation and possession with water. I literally make a holy water for an entity.

At night I first make sure I go to the bathroom first and visualize forcing any entity out.

Then I do a lesser banishing ritual before I go to the side of the bed and invoke the entity.

Then I drink it in like it was an alien movie. Very powerful.

No other thoughts… No handling last minute things… It is the last thought and only thought as you sleep.