Hi,what exactly happens when someone is possessed? do we still have our free will of mind and acts in the way we want or we lose part of the control of our acts?

I want to be Possessed by the King Belial and i never did it before,i feel that he is helping with my job and i even noted that i have some more charisma also the people on my job,the ones that are occupying the high positions,they seems to be more intersted on my work and make the things easier to me now.
also,i noted that one individual in specific,one that always spoke with me in the past,he changed alot and i feel hat he have fear to make eye contact and even avoid to look directly to me…

i dont know how big was the change around me,since the first ritual to the King Belial,but the interaction with the people seems to be much more better now and all natural…

for example,if i am possessed by him,i can still do my routine day by day or it is a thing that i need to do isolated without being in contact with more people?

like,routine daily etc…

if any of you have experience with the king in this aspect,i would like you to share with me…



You can come to agreements about what the limits are beforehand. Belial is pretty damn intense for a first time experience. He can manipulate time and… basically the entire time you spend possessed will turn out to have been on a separate… “timeline,” that doesn’t quite dovetail with where you wind up. There will be things you did, things that happened, that won’t have happened anymore. He is also NOTORIOUS for attempting to change people’s sexual orientations. He WILL attempt it even if he promises you he won’t. The biggest benefit is really just his very unique mindset… his very bestial sort of vibe. His attitude of, “Fuck your rules. I never gave you permission to make any rules for me.”


He wants to change sexual orientation?! Why??

Because he embodies the “lawless” essence of the animal body/mind. Animals don’t fuck for identity reasons. They fuck for social, situational, and emotional reasons. In my case,he wanted to make me bisexual because he felt that would be strategically “better” - because American Freemasons and other groups will treat you with a lot more respect if you’re bi. A lot of American occult organizations (A.A. for example) see bisexual as normal, heterosexual as a regrettable limitation, and openly homosexual as a hideous, disgusting disease born of terrible weakness and moral failing. Also, he thought it would make younger people more inclined to respect/fuck me because the younger generation is more respectful of omni-sexual people who make irritating speeches about rejecting labels. He was, of course, absolutely right about all of these things. I felt my rejection of women was an important strategic choice that protected me from a lot of unhealthy social engineering, i.e., the shit that goes down when you knock somebody up.

For a friend of mine, Belial wanted to make him gay because his wife wasn’t into magic and he had a close gay friend who was a serious magician and he wanted to hook them up so he’d have a partner he could do magic with who was already a close friend. And again, Belial was technically correct from a strategic point of view. Those are just two examples, but I’ve heard MANY.

If we lived in a perfect, healthy society where people respected each other, Belial’s attitude toward sex would be perfect. If two people have affection for each other and are horny they should fuck. If two friends are emotionally compatible and have identical goals and interests, they should hook up. The “gender” and “orientation” talk is really just bullshit that gets in the way. It’s ultimately just a line of code in your energy body, just like most of what passes for an individual’s so-called “identity” in our society. But we don’t live in that perfect world and unfortunately our choices about who we screw have social and financial repercussions.


looks cool,except the sexual thing,as i am always in touch with alot of hot womens and zero interest in change my sexual orientation lol

demonic possession is a way to absorb a spirits powers and thoughts. To fully manifest its power possess yourself with dark entities. This is how you ascend.


Ok so is invocation possession?

No invocation is inviting the spirit into " parts " of you there by you have control but the spirit has control on a part mental, part energetic level Imagine invocation as a type of pregnancy there’s another being in you sharing and becoming one with you but not to great or huge extents.


Well I’m horny at now​:joy::cry:

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say this after you evoke a spirit

“Rise within my mind, body, soul and manifest in possession. Possess my bowels and being in manifestation of Power. For this is what I seek. Make me divine through possession and guide me to absorb your powers.”


How do you ask a spirit nicely to leave your body after you invoke them or possession


and what if he doesn’t want to leave?

The demon will leave if you evoke Michael and YEHOVAH…then you must do an exorcism. They are alot more powerful when you ask an angel or God too do it.

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Do you have to evoke an angel or god or is that if your having a hard time

I mean no disrespect to fentrossman’s beliefs, but a lot of us here won’t touch that “exorcism” concept with a long pole, I never do anything like that myself because I abhor the concept, so I’ll usually thank the spirit and say something like “depart now with my gratitude” or “depart and go about your work” or (if I summoned them to work on a task) “Depart about my will.”

The wording you use is going to come from your internal beliefs about what you’re doing, in other words, so never take any one person’s word on what they do as the absolute way to do things.

May I recomment you read this article - she’s a bit harsh but this is someone committed to teaching magick and she’s right about this:


I agree. Invoking paimon the other night didnt give me any trouble after we finished. I simply said thankyou and left my body. Hail & farewell


You will find that the demons you are involved with will grant you certain gifts. Charisma is definitely one of them. You will not lose control of your faculties as some would have you believe. Commit to them, and they will commit to you.


Wanted to share my experience— after invoking Belial several times he decided to possess me for less than an hour. I didn’t ask him to, he just did it.

He did it while I was getting dressed in the morning and I felt “weird”. I looked at myself in the mirror and though it was still me, my features has somewhat sharpened. My lips appeared thin and I was smiling at myself in the mirror (kinda creepy smile). I also think I winked at myself at some point but that part is a bit fuzzy in my recollection of it all.

The part I remember most is walking to my daughters room, looking at her playing and thinking “huh, cute kid” and then walking away. No maternal feelings whatsoever.

He left shortly after I got on the bus to go to work. He observed and commented on several people and then just left. It was an interesting experience for sure.


Ok so I’ve been really curious about possesion since I seen a video Ea made about it and I have a few questions I’d like to get imput on from some the more experience people out there due being new to working with demon.
1.does mental connection and use of thier power only last for the duration of the possesion
2.are there any other benefits such as alterations to your energy body
And 3.how does one go about initiating a possesion/inviting a demon to posses you

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Well. I would have never thought of it that way at all. Concerning sex and Belial. But it does bring to mind a lot of stuff concerning Belial and the type of people I seem to attract, like lunatics… LOL

Just kidding, I am not blaming Belial. But one has to consider also the astrology chart when it comes to sexuality obviously, and what influence you will get and how the demon in question, like Belial will obviously influence the person in question in regards to their request about say their job.

just my own thoughts and thanks.

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