Possession -Temporarily entwined

Ok so i have not experienced full possession and I have offered Azazel a time to temporarily join with me a set period of union.
I have experienced so far rapid heart blanket envelopment thickness my jaws become slack and stretched…
Well so I think I have experienced the mounting as described by E.A. Koeting his videos. I have also been slightly put off by his descriptions of growling but other authors on u tube have given a more relaxed description such as “Secret of the gods”.
I understand that I need to be fully relaxed and relinquish control. Not easy so if anyone is willing to advise on me on a practical action… other. I especially want to take this opportunity whilst my daughter is away for a few days so I can fully experience my first with Azazel and not act… oh I don’t know perhaps scare my my houshold if i act too different. I really don’t know what to expect and perhaps am having new ridiculous fears over what is probably a good experience