Possession rites?

I want to do a possession thing with Lucifer. I just want that experience and the benefits, as well as getting closer to Lucifer. But if I just ask him to, like, “do it” it never feels like I am pushed down. I feel like I am in the drivers seat but someone is in the passenger seat trying to turn the wheel. What are some rites?

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Invoke him

I know how to invoke, but I would like something stronger. Any ideas?

Summon him then and ask him to possess you

I already did this

Idk , make a pact then

I would appreciate an answer from someone knowledgeable in this

There is no super special ritual that will give you this experience. You need to be able to calm and clear your mind while relaxing your body. The spirit will not drop your mind for you.

No one likes to be told to just meditate, but that’s really what I would suggest you do. No fancy visualizations or incantations, just mindfulness meditation, focusing on the sensations of the breathe at the tip of the nose. If you have never done this before, you will be surprised at just how quickly and how often the mind wanders without training. If you are not surprised, then why are you wondering why you are having troubles with spirit communication?

Once you are able to have “possession” experiences somewhat regularly, you’ll find that you are still in the driver’s seat, but that you have allowed another consciousness to work through your body (and perhaps mind) rather than your ego.

If you have confused your true nature for your ego, then that is another good reason for you to do mindfulness meditation.


If you know when the spirit comes in, then seek to contact it, talk to it, ask it to plant thoughts, images and such into you, guide you in activities, offer it energy, feed it your energy and energy from the environment, to develop a stronger bond, ( if the spirit wants to do any of these things, of course…). And at your own risk, as there is always risk in these things.
Also being able to sense when it shows up, what it feels like, it’s energy signature, nature of it’s communication with you, whether images, voices, and such.
Practice is the only way to get good at it.

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Let me help you out of your dream. You have to have a certain relationship, call it a click with a spirit.
Spirits need to get to know you, possession (their energy) is a personal thing, your body is a personal thing. Not a thing to take lightly.

And see the tips above. It takes time and a lot of practice (meditation/evocation/invocation) to get closer to the spirit. You could use some rituals of Connor Kendall on this forum to get closer to him. But it’s a daily work and it does not mean he will possess you.

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