Possession for pyromancy?

What demon do I work with to get pyromancy?

Krehl’A’Teral, master of miracles, a nether of Azazel.You can find info on Book of Azazel by Koetting and a bit of search in forum.


Anyone under Azazel sounds credible. Even the man himself. But, ifyou are looking for someone who specializes in pyromancy, there is someone who is known as the knight of the goetia, and there is only one knight. I forgot his name, but he basically works with divination like palm reading, and pyromancy. I don’t know who exactly is better but to be honest with you?

Pick the person who speaks to you the most. They both can teach you lots of pyromancy, maybe more than you’ll ever need, but teaching styles and personalities differ between spirits. Pick whoever you want for that reason.although, I feel you must be warned, pyromancy is no easy and ever. Some consider at the highest form of magic, and that’s nothing to scoff at. It is so high, in fact, that a lot of the magic community doesn’t even believe it exists.

I am by no means saying you can’t do it. You absolutely can. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But you may have to learn a lot of things that other processes or practices would teach you faster and more relevantly to get even the smallest bit of result, which can be very frustrating. Or the power of your belief could do it, but just between you and me, knowing is way stronger than believing.

Unless it calls you strongly, and I mean very strongly, consider putting it off until you have more experience.

Remember, there are no limits in this craft. There’s just perception, knowledge, and experience.

I’d advise to get another goal , you will find such a success few and far between , it would be better to lay a good foundation before aiming to get such things

What about mighty Flauros? And Asmoday???

Do they specialize in pyromancy?

Asmodeus is a djinn and djinn are basically said to be born from smokeless fire tso he should know things in regards to pyromancy.