Possession by spirits. How to get rid of it?

I did some stupid stuff in very beginning of my magick journey and now I ended with possession by 2 demons and impostors. I want to return my natural self state but I don`t even know what I am. So I need to start from scratch my magick life. I would be glad if you give me step by step tutorial how to return myself back to me and increase my own power


You’re not new to magick so you’re aware of banishing and exorcisms? What have you tried so far?


I presume you know lots of banishings and whatnot, right?

I would probably do as many of those are you can, plus rituals to remove parasites and remove influence. I’ve been doing a lot of these recently myself. If you need specifics, I can tell you all about them.

DarkestKnight also has some chants to remove parasites. Quite powerful, but I learned they can take awhile. So you need to invest time.

I also saw this video recently from an old magickian from Finland name Marjorie Ek. She’s far more experienced than most I run into (40+ yrs), and has some helpful words on this topic.


I sent a P.M.

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It’s a very cool idea to ask one demon to be freed from the others :+1:

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What do you mean?

Do you view entities such as Michael, Yohach and Kalach as a demons?

Don’t you see that Samael’s name is there in the sigil?

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Did you listen to her video? There’s more to it than the title card.

You’ve looking at point A (calling out an audience) and not looking at the journey to point B.

She doesn’t call such entities these days. She’s an older lady who’s been doing this her entire life. Earliest on, forced by her parents. She she got into real trouble earlier in life, lost everything many times over, and is telling you a bit about what helped.

As she’s massively experienced, it’s probably one of the most useful stories I’ve heard about how these things can go wrong, and at least one method of making them go right. (Or at least much better)

Her huge history and honesty is helpful.

It’s good to learn different experiences and approaches. When people share honestly, that’s to be admired.

There’s helpful things in that video for you, that’s why I shared it. She actually answers most comments, too… so might be able to give some advice with your own possession issues.

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Samael isn’t a demon, though, he’s an archangel. The Christians mixed him up with their concept of Satan due to misunderstanding and mistranslation of the ancient Hebrew, but, according to his actual Judaic mythology, he’s never been fallen, and still works for God.


Hi bro, but according to the video, she doesn’t recommend working with demons just with angels.

Right, she used Archangel Michael, and uh… I don’t remember the other ones, sorry lol… to help de-possess her from 2 powerful demons her parents implanted in her as a child — and hardened with trauma

That’s just to remove entities, though.

She still works with some non-angels, such as Hekate (Greek pantheon) and the Olympic spirits (Nuctemeron, Arbatel, Angels of Omnipotence). She also works with Saturn and Jupiter. So she doesn’t exclusively work with angels.

She also does Enochian magick. Those are angels by name only. You power of a lot of that with your own energy. I reckon some demons are the same, considering their sigils look like electronic circuits — which then require energy. Lots of similarities.

So she’s open to lots of things still… she’s just became more cautious with age.

research a bit more about samael. he is the purest form of the adversary and is highly doubt he has something to do with god or being an archangel.
he is a draconian diety and one of his phrases is “IM THE ONLY GOD” which you may get why he say so.

He’s an archangel. I have a close bond with him and he’s my guardian angel. I think you’re confusing him with the Demiurge from Gnosticism, who sometimes goes by the name Samael.

You can send them to me. If you banish them just tell them to come and haunt me. I sent my picture to you in the PM. section.