Possession by a helpful or distracting spirit, possible test

She doesn’t really what anything from me, no offerings, food, blood or otherwise. The only thing she stated is that she wants to do is to make me stronger and get me to where I want to go. She says I have a lot of gifts, like Clairaudience , feeling her presence and others.

I didn’t call out to her or do anything I shouldn’t have with my limited experience but from what I understand she has been around me for a while (sense birth) and just remained silent albeit it a few times. There were things that only I knew that she does as well, memory’s that I have that she has shown me in great detail. There are other spirits who are here with me, my mom opened my room while I was at work and she said she saw some type of amorphous blob staring at her before it disappeared.

I know is here is king belial she asked me to take a picture of someone that was in my room and I had it conformed that it was him. From what I have read about king belial he always comes across as serious not to jovial like this spirit has.

I know it might sound weird from the way I am writing being that she has done a lot to help me. I don’t want to discredit this spirit for what she has done for me. But as the title says she is currently possessing me, like full control of my body when she wants to. I can feel her within me moving around her form feels solid and when she moves my body has a tingling feeling. And she distract’s me like take my attention away from my mediation, to think about something else completely random.

I know someone is going to say and ask is I banished Her. Yes I did I banished every day, 3 to 4 times a day, for a month(and much longer). When I learned she was possessing me I started calling upon archangel Michael plus regular banishing but she locked me out of my body and made me bite my tongue. This only happened when I tried to call for Michael for help with a general evocation or invocation of any spirit she just distracts me. She dosent stop me from doing invocation or invocation but she does make it hard to do them.

For how long this possession has been happening I think its been going on sense about 2016 there were times where I could feel something beneath my body back then. At the time I had no idea what the hell that was I was just starting into magic.

Anyway I would just like some help in figuring who this spirit is and who else might be here. I’m not trying to get rid of her or the others just would like to know what’s going on. I want to call king belial because I had a dream about my grandfather he had cold light blue eyes my back was to him he tried to punch me in the back twice and but I caught it both times telling him that I will curse him.

But I really don’t want to have to fight her just to summon a spirit it is a hassle and sometimes I fell like I don’t get much done when it happens.

Oh and just so were clear on this I have no medical history of mental illness or disorders. I know the individual talking to me is not some creation of my mind.