Possessed Killing

So in case you don’t know the killer in Florida says he heard demons telling him to kill all those people. What you guys think http://abcnews.go.com/US/florida-school-shooter-methodically-moved-classrooms-execute-victims/story?id=53112929

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Brainwashing is all it is with him. I could say what I believe in full and pulled from his scrambled noggin but that is a big can of worms. Just brainwashing basically.


Lost in the sauce is all I can say.

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I think he’s trying to set the stage for an insanity defense.


Yeah I was thinking that also he may just enjoy hurting people

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Personally, as a gun owner and someone who suffers from mental illness (bipolar depression), I would say part of it is likely due to his reaction to anti psychotic meds, his recent orphan status, and societal conditions as a whole. But hell, we probably can’t know the whole picture unless we’ve walked a mile in his shoes and in the shoes of those he hurt. I’m not defending him, as I think what he did was malicious cowardice, but I do think detaching from emotion and looking at what really caused this, is the first step to finding a solution.


I think this with the voices, I can’t lay my hands on any immediate data but as the first thing out of his mouth it seems almost like a parody of craziness. I seem to remember real crazy people trials don’t turn up an “answer” quite as quickly? Can’t think of one offhand as support for this, though.