Possessed items



when evoking, i place items in the triangle as offerings including certain metals associated with the particular spirit. for example, gold for goetic kings.

i’ve found that the metal resonates with the spirit to some degree and acts as a sympathetic “talisman” to draw them towards the triangle in order to manifest. interestingly, after ritual, the metal object carries the resonance of the particular spirit for a a long while and is not easily banished.

i’m wondering how one would go about charging an item or intentionally allowing it to act as a gateway for specific daemonic entities. for example, a piece of jewelry associated with Azrael would align the owner/wearer with death and necromantic energy. i want to go beyond the basic squares and pentacles of the planets (i.e, mars for activity and violence) and focus the currents of particular entities into these objects.

they could then be used as a sympathetic link to that particular spirit/s and confer upon the owner the benefits (and no doubt the pitfalls) of the daemon’s nature. i believe this could aid ascent if the magician actually wants to become more like the possessing daemon, gain the abilities of the daemon, or if they work with particular entities a great deal and would like to infuse their life with the entities’ energies outside of a ritual setting.

finally, i don’t want to simply engrave an entity’s sigil on something and call it finished. i understand there are some benefits to this approach, but by the same token, a sigil does its best work when it’s opened and the associated spirit is evoked. i want the objects i have in mind to act as a surrogate home or gateway for the entity, and not simply become aligned to the spirit’s vibration (as is the case with sigils). obviously, selecting the correct metal for a particular spirit already “aligns” it somewaht, so i’m looking way beyond the elementary sympathetic practices.

kind regards, james.


Dante abiel can do this for you


I have only done once before and was instructed by the entity in question how to do it.

Firstly you need a focus item for the entity. Any thing can be used but in my experience the best ones tend to present themselves. If you find a weird looking rock that just seems to grab you attention or see abstract statue in a store that you like more than you feel you normally would then grab onto them.

I used the skull of a large rat as the focus item. During the evocation of the entity I painted the entities transmitted sigil on the brain case and then suspended it over the censor that was pumping out the incense so that it was sitting in the middle of the pillar of smoke.
I then sat in meditation on the object for some time and the entity “took up residence” in it.
To be honest the whole process itself was very simplified how ever it was built up over several rituals with the entity and I had an agreement with the entity that it would occupy the object which I really think is the key.


It’s probably different for different entities, I just had to ask the alien I met to attach to a certain object and he did. But sometimes it can be more complicated then that.


If you’re having trouble doing it yourself do what Necro said and send Dante a message. He can make some ridiculously powerful items.


thanks all.

as this is about my own ascent. i am reluctant to employ the services of others. i’ll experiment with various methods nonetheless, and request advice directly from the spirit/s i have in mind. i’ll post back if i make any significant discoveries.

kind regards, james.


Oh yeah, if you do work with any spirits that don’t require any restraints, and are the sorts you only need to ask to attach to an object, it would be wise to make sure they are ones you can trust. In my case I have spirit allies check them out first.



i don’t use restraints. i usually operate on good will and by upholding my end of the arrangement, if there is one. usually, i just present offerings of incense, absinthe etc in exchange for working peacefully and honestly with me towards my goal. if the sprit in question is unruly, impolite or unaccommodating, i respectfully send them on their way and refuse to work with them in the future. i’ve never had a problem because i lay it all on the table right at the beginning of the evocation. most spirits take a moment to consider my terms but i’ve never had any refuse.

kind regards, james.



i slept with a ring on, last night which i have not worn in some time. it is 14k gold and i place it in the triangle when evoking goetic kings or on a sunday. this particular item has been charged to some degree and before i went gung-ho about binding spirits to it (of their own volition, i mean), i decided to see what the energy would do to my subconscious.

i don’t remember much as i usually take sleeping pills and i didn’t get much sleep anyhow due to my insomnia, but one scene i remember vividly was my somewhat forcefully persuading my former partner to share a sexual experience with me. it was not rape or necessarily violent, but in the dream, i certainly wan’t being gentle, and i wouldn’t have taken “no” for an answer (not that it came up). it was actually more erotic than i had thought, although “rough” sex doesn’t interest me at all. the power rush combined with a vivid sexual dream experience was interesting though. i’ve never had such a dream about my former partner, and rarely have any erotic dreams at all (and each time i have, i’d been recently working with daemonic energies).

i will wear the ring again tonight but it certainly seems to have a power over me. the energy about it is cold and still while still being fiery and daemonically active. it doesn’t feel sentient, but even just being near it has a similar calming effect as black onyx. it radiates energy which can almost be seen with the inner vision, but touching it sends almost primordial flashes of memory up through your arm and out your third eye. it all flows too fast to be able to be interpreted (at least, interpreteted easily), but there’s no doubt that what you’re seeing originated from a conscious source. it doesn’t invade the body, even when the ring’s being worn, but seems to speak to it or… sing to it? hard to say. it reminds me of Lord of the Rings in the way it exerts its influence.

tonight i’ll charge the ring before i go to bed (but i won’t exorcise it). i want to see if i can use it as a generic gateway for the meantime, and what effect (if any) charging it will have. if spirits i have evoked with the ring show up, then i’ll know they’re somewhat connected already. if others show up, or other elements manifest, i’ll know it’s just a charged portal with no specific associations.

i’ll post back.

kind regards, james.