Possessed by 2 of the Goetia demons

Hello everyone I’m possessed by andras and have been for over 3 years now. No problems with him what so ever and also a few weeks back I got myself possessed by King Vine. I’m happy being possessed and choose to keep it this way but I have a major problem. The spirit world including Archangel Michael will not leave me alone. They are all begging me to have an exorcism done which I dont want. They try to put fear and doubts into my mind telling me andras and king Vine will both kill me one day if I don’t leave them. I strongly do not believe this
How can I stop the spiritual world from harassing me? I got worken up last night by the spirit world and heard a male voice praying for me and mentioning jesus christ

No doubt you Story but i read guys get poseses by goetia its a mix good, and bad. To vs demons… Posesion who u invite and embrace into u what ever u call you soul. Life etc. Since goetia is a gods cpmanding instructions. To force them. I wonder wat went wrong. I supose you are nice tothem.

When’s the last time you grounded yourself and banished your environment?


I ground myself every day. I can trust the Goetia demons gods more then I can trust Angel’s


What makes you think these goetia demons are possessing you , and what makes you think The Archangel Michael is harassing you ?


I have an unpopular opinion about more than likely. If you are sure that Michael wants you to get an exorcism it might be that these aren’t the goetic spirits at all but something else. Or it may be that it’s not Michael, and these are truly Andras and Vine.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, what impact does this have on your workings and rituals? Do you notice positive results with these possessions? Anything that might be negative effects?


I asked Andras and king Vine to both posses me through blood pacts permanently because it’s what I wanted. Its all been positive for me but Angel’s disagree with what I’ve done to myself and are trying to get me to have an exorcism done. I was woken up last night by a spirit praying for me in jesus christ name which got me angry

Well, It’s either your own beliefs you are working out. Work on some level to clear out old beliefs that don’t matter. Or someone or some people could be trying to pray for you to be saved or something.

Either way, I wouldn’t give much attention to any of these spirits. You have your work and you’re making progress.

In my own experience Mikael wouldn’t care about such trivial things. But to each their own.

Do not get weird out from my question, but have you got initiated into…well demonic energy? Set wards and protection sigils but what really can help is to pick some demons and ask to protect you from the spiritual attacks.

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If you are skilled in forms of Divination, you can use it to ask if the Demons are who they say they are, ask if the Archangel Michael is who he appears to be, and, ask who the man is ( if anyone ) that is praying for you. ( or, maybe, against you ).
Then if you discover the identity of the man praying, you can use Divination to find an appropriate curse, binding, warding, etc. spell to use on him.
ALSO, if they Demons are who they say they are, you can ask them about how to deal with Michael, and the man praying for ( against ) you.

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Do you want to end the angelic hymn?

Then let the other 70 in.

To come and go as they please.

If you want to banish Angel’s from you, and talking to them is not working, then may I suggest a fairly simple ritual?

Look up the sigils of the angels, look up the directions they represent as well.

Put each sigil in the corresponding cardinal direction.

Put yourself into a trance and allow Andras to feed his anger through you.

Destroy the sigils in whateverway you see fit.

Have a cookie.

Now if you truly are possessed by two of the Goetia beings, cool. Glad that you feel they are bettering you. Do I question this?? Naturally yes. But I’m not going to just go and say “Your not really possessed by them.” Because everyone’s experiences are unique and well it’s not my place to say yes you are or not. However with the angelic part I can believe you. I had my own recent “adventures” with this with them. It doesn’t surprise me at the very least that your experiencing this. Now I am by no means saying they are “evil” or “bad”. They are simply hard headed and once one of “their” people break free they will do what ever it takes to get you back. Angels and their side of the coin isn’t for everyone just as demons isn’t for everyone.

As I said, I am having some issues with angels myself. Mostly them trying to drag me back with them per say. I tried talking to them and reasoning with them. I even said to them that I wasn’t wanting to brake communication and working with them completely. But they kept on harassing me and forcing me to stop talking to demons. So the other night I was fed up and pissed.

I did my best to reserve the anger and I even felt Belial was helping me by giving me the idea to not just store my anger as fuel but also in the ritual.

What I did in the beginning was simply start it as any evocation ritual. I then called to Lucifer and told him to join me. From there I felt Belial guiding my anger that I had to where I wasn’t blindly angry or simply in tears. This is very hard for me giving I’m naturally a emotional person. I then started to call on Lilith and others that I worked with. I stated how I was redoing my pact that existed already but also how I wanted them to destroy all pacts, ties, attachment ect that I had with anyone els outside of the Goetia and beings that I’m working with this of course including the angels.

I then made a new pact with Lucifer and since I could not draw blood for this pact at the time I used the power of my words and mind to make a “copy” of this. When I stated about the pact I announced how I used my “souls blood” to sign the document and sealed it.

I then called on arch angel Michael and felt him come in. I basically told him how I didn’t want to do this but they left me with no choice. Just so I can live my life how I want it in peace and regain my power over my existence, I told him, dead in the eyes, I revoked my self from their books and revoked my self from their lists. That I take back my name, my true name and how I no longer bow to anyone. I also inserted a Belial quote of “I am my own master.” After this i pledged my self to Lucifer and his teachings. I definitely felt Michael was not happy about this but he didn’t say anything to me. Simply just stood there in silence. Once done I closed the ritual. And let me say I felt good. And that night I felt really really light. Kinda like having zero gravity. I no longer bound by any contract from the past and purely free.

I know EA did something similar to this but did it a bit differently. I made it clear I bow to no one, that I am no ones rug and how I have THE birthright of having free will and to choose how I want to live my life. No man made documents such as the Bible, controls my life. Unfortunately for me I had to be a slight bitch to them. They are hardheaded and WILL fight to get you back no matter how long it takes. Until you stand your ground and make it clear you are your own boss and you say no, the angels will continue to come.

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