Hi, since my attempt of Getting possesed by Lucifer I have many strange experiences. First thing I have noticed is, that I tend to be aggressive, have visions and know some things that I dont know. The most interesting and terrifying experiences I had were before Getting to sleep last two nights. The first night, when I was trying to Fall asleep, I have heard some male voice, which was very deep and it was like if it was speaking to my left ear. Then I had feeling that something is close to my face and I have seen some strange things while having my eyes closed. Next night when I was only one awake, I have felt something near me , while watching YT. Then I went to bed and felt once again strong presence which was far more stronger than the night before. This very strong feeling I had last night was few seconds before speaking to Lucifer, asking him for dream guidence telepatically. Today when I have watched my brothers face I saw that he had two pale blue shiny spots instead of eyes.


Today I feel extremely good, I see so many great changes in my behavior. I have even more sharper thinking and I feel confident.


It was a success. Would you be willing to PM a friend of mine the ritual you used?

I dont know about possesion on that level what i do know is in invocation i have reached a level where my hands drawing and my mind getting directed by lucifer or him leaving and hes energy staying. Hes great :slight_smile: