Possesion with Azazel

So I invoked Venom off Spider man and had success with gaining power and more instinctual control over tendrils and such things.

After I un invoked him, i got the drive to do a Possesion with Azazel. I dont know what for. I mean, i DO (the goal is development of my Godhood) but i dont at the same time. Plain and simple, im power hungry as fuck. I have power but it is and never will be enough. There is no enough for me.

Im gonna do Ultra Instinct Goku next, then Head for Azazel.

Any tips for The upcomming possesion? Itll be my first “real” one.

Set up boundaries before hand. Be very legalistic about it.


Hi there Micah, definitely a powerful choice…!
and very cool too

Asmodeus man, now he’s extreme too…;He’s related to Gevurah/Mars on the adverse tree though it takes one to preferable pass through others on that tree as well so you can stabilize and ground those absolutely extreme forces.
I did work with Leviathan, Azazel, Lucifer, Belial, Lucifuge Rofocale, Lilith
pretty extremely amazingly niiiiiice - yet the thing is that, with Azazel if you wish to work with him is, in the art in which you ask your questions - they can give you so much power that your entire experience of reality would shift in minutes…; sometimes I spend an hour in my universal circle asking them if they can empower me in abilities and so on, especially in nature…man if you can do it over there, the rush you can probably take in is going to be more absolute at once… :slight_smile:

Sometimes I see superhero movies and I say, I ask if they can make me immortal, help me to have supernatural abilities, and, if they will.

Azazel is so great in helping me to believe in myself, that’s generally how I experience him…;
Go wil, go crazy, pushing your boundaries…going to things that are superhuman…;

Running without getting tired, …things like that…

“By the power of the word is where fantasy can meet reality” :slight_smile:

Nothing is impossible even unto a molecular level.

You might want to check out Dynamo or Criss angel on youtube - both of them actively work with the God-Mind to do supernatural things. :slight_smile:

You’ll feel even more like the god you really are walking out of your ritual having asked for the
supreme, the absolute, the ultimate, the epic of your potential to be shown to you… :slight_smile: and to be helped to ever go beyond that… :slight_smile:

If you want to be like superman…just ask… :wink: reality is bendable even unto a moleculary level.

You can levitate, teleport, shapeshift, be undestructable also if you wish, just ask.
do test those things safely though. :wink: always. If you want to feel like a real superhero and live it, you can! :slight_smile: nothing is impossible, really! :slight_smile: This is the cosmos and all you see here on earth is ust a small fraction of the potential of human expression (including superman on t.v.) that guy really exists in other dimensions - saw him myself.

Maybe there even are other superheroes on the planet, awaiting others to join in…who knows…;
It’s ultimately up to us to create our stories, so… :slight_smile: may your inspiration guide you in magick… :slight_smile: if there’s any doubt, or concern, address that to the beings you call upon… :slight_smile: what I can say is that nothing will satisfy if you don’t go for the fullest you can imagine yourself to be, when it comes to potential, that’s where the joy of really getting to know yourself kicks in, just like in the superman video…it could be yourself, most realistically most literally in this cosmos of infinite potential - and don’t worry, you won’t be alone… I am pushing in that same direction…so you won’t be alone… I want to go friggin’ , Cosmic Superhero style, because nothing less would satisfy me…; so that’s what I ask in my rituals…; I want to go full on, because our prime time is here and now, that’s what living really should be like… full on…! :wink:

(optionally - more about the science of levitation, immortality, shape shifting can be found at
life and teachings of the masters of the far east) experience based-science, beings that can do that are included there. :slight_smile: )


Thanks @Hermes

You still gotta pm me about what we were talking about tho :sunglasses:

What have you experienced in working with the God Mind?

These same beings have been calling to me bro
Ive been through the Qlippoth multiple times, but i keep going back. Gotta go extreme

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I am definitely going to ask later on to help me in those areas. I am a bodybuilder also with many years of injuries and holds me back on my strength…:sob::dizzy_face:
I would ask to be able to heal my body fully I heard that is possible. And be able to bench press 600lbs at 130lbs. Or at least 400lbs with out steroids. It’s possible.
I am 120lbs at the moment and I can bench 225lbs

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