Possesion of more then 1 demon unto yourself

My journey down the black rabbit hole of the abyss has lead me to a curious question can i have 2 demons possess me at the same time. Azazel currently possesses me yet he told me to have belial posess me im wondering what this will do

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One possession is already quite a bit to keep in mind. I tried to look at similar topics in the past and found something that might hold a few possibilities for this situation.

Short answer; it might be possible with partial possessions. I don’t know who can give you further insight into this. Possible side effects having to do with personality or internal conflict might arise should you attempt more than partial possession. Try to limit each possession to some part of your body (i.e, an eye for each spirit)


Are you sure he meant full posession both him and Belial at the same time? They both are very powerful with strong personalities. I myself wouldnt want to try both. When im fully possessed I completely my consciousness blackouts and I have no memory of it. I just look and noticed time has passed. My body will sometimes continue to do random tasks like make coffee or a sandwich lol.

I’ve been partially possessed to a very small degree. Two spirits at 0.25 each. That was a nightmare.

But if you are working from book of azazel Belial makes sense. Maybe he is leading you towards invoking the other gatekeepers? Towards the lake of fire ritual.

He has already lead me to the lake of fire ritual i am yet to perform it. It is the one ritual that i am drawn to to be fully damned and changed into a more powerful being

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I have many in me. They come and go. It is really surprising how they can have ALL that energy and yet come and go so quietly at will when they want. I personally believe that most people in this world today are in fact possessed they just don’t realize it. I have had up to 10 or more in me at a time. It is typically less but hey. I do not mind because we are one big happy family. Now I will say this. Demons are stubborn willful creatures. It is hard to keep them all getting along. SO if you are to bring multiple entities into you then you should probably do a bit of work talking to them and researching them to make sure they can and will actually get along and work together. But if you are being guided to do something I would suggest to you that you consider this thing that has been suggested to you before you act on it. What do YOU want? Forget what they (or anyone else for that matter) wants. What are the benefits? What are the risks/costs? There are intended/ expected consequences as well as unintended/unexpected consequences. What are they? Are you strong enough to handle their influences? How will they help you? What do they get out of it? They do not do anything out of the goodness of their heart hun. I mean if they like you then they can and they most certainly DO. But for the most part, there has to be something in it for them. Also remember that they hear everything you think. So you think it it happens so watch what you think as you are deciding what it is you want to do.