Possesed By the Dead/Offering my body?

Would it be possible to be possessed by a dead person?

What if someone opened themselves up to be possesed by someone else who is dead? Is it even possible that the dead person replace completely and take ownership of the body of the other person and let’s say that the person that is alive right now wants to, even if it means that they will die/be erased from existence/replaced etc…? Just, is it possible?

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No, you’ll still be in the body even if you let someone in. They cant take full ownership of your body. Perfect possession is insanely difficult to pull off, only a few people have ever done it succesfully and that is as close as you can get to giving ownership and even then your sharing it.

mhh okay i see, but still i think its a great way for a dead person to experience being somewhat “alive” again

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It is, but you need to be very selective of who you invite in. I would practice possession with a god, godess, demon, that your very close to and trust first.
Learn to keep them out, how to let them take control, how to regain control, banishing etc.

Even then you have to be super careful and just jump into it. Since at some points you will seem like you are just a passenger in your body while another does whatever they desire so to speak.

Perfect Possession definitely should not be take lightly I believe once you get to that point it can not be undone. Honestly talk to someone who has done it and see if you want to share yourself and life with another. It isn’t all roses and sunshine.


You must practice and find this out for yourself

It would be possible to be possessed by someone who is dead, but it would not replace you in terms of ownership of your body. Your consciousness is still there when you are possessed, you just take a step back really. Ultimately, you are still very much in control and can eject that spirit at anytime.

Interestingly enough, there are two types of Hebrew spirits that one can become possessed by known as an Ibbur and a Dybbuk who were once living individuals