Posession and the abyss

Is it possible to have a demon possess you at birth? Can a demon put you in the abyss to gain its freedom by exchange?

I find it doubtful. I have found that actual possession requires permission, which would be very difficult to give at birth. I also find the idea of demons being trapped anywhere to be the work of both Christian and Isalm influences long after the original testaments were written, if we are looking at things strictly from an Abrahamic outlook (Dante’s inferno presented the depiction of hell as the land of the damned and the demonic in such a fashion that it is commonly accepted as truth despite it being written outside of the clergy). Many of the mentions of Hell and the abyss relate to either here on earth or is a poorly translated version of the Hebrew word Shoel, which is “the grave”.

That being said, I think it is entirely possible for a spirit to tag along with someone from birth, usually to guide them in some way.


Thanks for responding Tiberius. Although I had neither a Christian or Abrahamic upbringing, their dogmas are so prevalent in the world possession was the only word I associated with another entity being in someone. Your calling it a tag along does describe this much better as does guide. That is until 2-3 years ago when I went against its guidance and basically undid all the ‘work’ by returning foolishly to eating a poor diet and meth use. It was after my destructive vacation I thought I’d be able to pick up where I left off but found myself being shoved back and forth between two unseen beings when I tried to meditate. This freaked me out so much that I quit meditation altogether.
I know Koetting doesn’t think body dousing is a credible way to gain information, but it is mostly how I communicate with this being other than occasionally telepathic. My actions pissed it off so much it now refuses to give guidance and lets me know how much it hates me, assuring me that I’m not going to like where I’m going to go. It has assured me that I will be tortured and in never ending pain for the rest of eternity. It has taken from me that which I cared about.
I’m here considering left hand because what the hell… I figure if that is my fate I might as well embrace it, right? Yet it tells me not to do this.
So now I’m totally confused and wondering why? I can’t get an answer on this and would appreciate some insight as to possible reasons. I’m not asking for you to make my decision, just help me make an informed one.
That would include having insight as to what becomes of those not entrenched in any belief or practice when the horde is unleashed upon humanity… Is there any safe middle ground where it’s neutral and this war of the gods is left only to the gods?
I have so many other questions, but I know time is precious and will refrain from over whelming you with them. lol

Theoretically speaking yes, but I don’t think they’d have anything immediate to gain from a newborn.

Could you elaborate? Do you mean it can put your soul in the Abyss while using your body?

I disagree with this. I’ve been possessed without consent before.

It’s all a matter of will, and there are tons of demons whose wills trump those of the people they’re possessing.