Posessed by something?

Alright, Im kind of having some realizations as I go with this. Is there a way to absolutely be sure im making contact with the actual spirits. Im starting to think I may be possesed by something else.


Prayers, meditation, and divination.

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Thank you

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If things get out of hand feel free to PM me.

I asked Lucifer to possess me permanently… Since then (as my senses arnt developed yet, yeah I know dumb) I’ve been getting tingles through my face and crown chakra, like I get when I do a evocation but constantly, kinda kewl…
If you’re feeling down and depressed do a banishing ritual call archangel Michael to heal & protect you… Then go from there and do a banishing after each evocation etc. To make sure your safe… I haven’t done a banishing yet, I feel ever since I asked Lucifer to posses me I feel protected by lower entities as he is pree much the highest


Much appreciated. I hadn’t worked with Michael or any angel before but his prescense came fast.

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Oh good to hear how’d that all go?

I don’t know how to explain. I can’t sleep lately. Today was another sleepless night.

But im making intense realisations. Im glad this forun exists with you all. My mind would’ve probably broke by now had i not been here. I also would’ve gone way of course.

Yeah man same here I would’ve killed myself and possibly others but this forum of alot of like-minded people sorta keeps me sane in a insane way these people are all awesome!

I love how even the names of those in the forum make clicks with synchronicities. I noticed that during the shifts Im becoming more and more social and less psychopathic lol i think its worth it.

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Oh yeah I’ve always wanted to ascend and I’ve had no idea where to go I knew Magick was always real and I knew people could evoke demons to actually see and hear but I didn’t know the depths of it all and it’s all fkn crazy and sick… I guess I was also a Catholic till about 3 months ago, I decided I wanted to take control of my life!

Damn, I used to be a catholic then went buddhist then went on resistance Christianity mode and almost fucked myself up. It was not until this forum and its members helped deprogam all the dogma. Still in that process. But I’m doing it smart this time. Its all so much easier without the dogma.

Yeah man I understand completely… But I think Buddhism has some really cool points of view

Hey I think I’ve learn a lesson. Have I just been made an example?

I think its time for me to quit magic…

Why do you say that… what lesson did you learn?

That the world reflects on the all and we’re all part of it and with more responsibility comes more love I keep seein things around me and I feel like its reflecting on me. Im feeling really weak actually.

Hhm I would say don’t think about it too much and do some meditation have some food and a good rest… If you still feel worse maybe you’ve got yourself a trickster spirit, other than that I would not know how to help you

Energy is the best way of identification.

If it doesn’t have it’s energy patterns, it isn’t it.

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