I just want opinions.

A portal was found in my mind… Spinning, and spewing black (negative) energy.

Any idea what could cause such a thing?

I mean, me and my friend were playing with a ouija board a few weeks ago and what ever was on the other end said “Will you let me in?” and of course I was stupid enough to say yes.

So I essentially let a dead thing into my mind. Which is very very bad, from what I was told.

Ever since, until today when the portal was closed, I haven’t felt right. I’ve been freezing, unable to get warm. My body temperature was actually way below normal, I checked it with 3 different thermometers.

The dead thing was described as “rotted meat”, only in my consciousness. Which was spooky accurate, because rotted is exactly how I’ve felt. Rotted on the inside, but appeared fine on the outside.

The dead thing was never found. Just the portal.

I’ve got 2 theories.

Either I opened it myself when I said yes to it, and it’s been there all along or it (the dead thing) sensed the person coming and got spooked and took off through a portal that it opened in my mind.

Either way neither the dead thing or the portal is there anymore.