Anyone has any knowledge,experience,research with this type of things ? What would clues to where,near what place portal is at ?
Would it have lot of Unbalanced energy field , or lot of balanced energy field,? and would electronic devices be shutting down and having problems with connections when they are near the portal ? Any other clues or ??

Portal to where?

Another dimension.

They stand out if you know how to notice them. The energy around them will be lively and there’ll be quite a lot of it.
As far as electrical stuff is concerned, that generally just in movies, unless the portal is big enough to start having physical effects which is unlikely without someone else noticing and using it.

There’ll also usually be entites around it in some form or another, either ones that got pulled through or ones that want to go back through. Generally what a “haunting” is.


Thanks , by the way missing time would be different time shift, i mean one goes there in his 30s and 40 years pass in this dimension but in other only couple of days or weeks or maybe just hours, and he returns same, and in another dimension there would be lower cap or higher cap of time spending and time warps, right ? There are many places like that around the world, one just needs to find them. I found 2 location that would most likely be portals . But idk how to use them. Example: 1000 people visit this place, only 10 go missing … So how do they do it, how could i open one of those , and any tips ?
And would “portal location” include plenty of shadow people and orbs sightings seen?

Loch Ness. Some lakes. Pour your energy into a pool of water and fix the intention, this can be donr pretty much anywhere. Bath water works fine

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I’m just say be careful just bc you find a portal don’t mean you should go in it/use it could take you somewhere crazy…ever seen the movie “The Event Horizon”. You got wigi boards are portals, dreams are portals, astral projection is a portal even books are portals.

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But going off what you trying do I would read about the local area find out when the lake was first recorded, and read any books pertaining to the lake/location you believe the portal is at

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