So, I bought a Ra Portal, Ra stands for reverse adoption. So in a nut shell my name and hence my energy was offered up and who ever was interested would step forward.Reminds me of a auction really lol. Anway who should come forward

Elaborate on this portal thing I’m not understanding you

So its a direct connection, I. have an opening word and a closing word that opens a direct connection.and then when the communication is over, i say the closing word and the portal shuts. A bit like having Amosdeus direct telephone number

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You can make a portal anywhere

TWO, not ONE, but TWO years later.
The necromancing is strong today, and you did not even add anything to the thread except the, by now, mandatory “you don’t need a wand, altar, clothes, a brain, thought, gods, demons, angels, a fucking MG 32 machinegun, a dad, a mom, or even magick” to do magick.

It is time to stop, dude.

Wait, what? I thought it was required to unload an entire clip before and after a ritual. You know, for parasites.

In all seriousness though, it has been two years since this thread has been made. I don’t think replying here is necessary.

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Lmao :joy::joy::joy: