Portals to Goetia spirits - Do they give a significant advantage?

I have seen sellers offering various portals to Goetia spirits. Is there any advantage and if so, What is the advantage of using portals instead of doing the evocation yourself?


Interesting. Would you pls share some more info about those portals? I have never heard of them. As long as I knew sigils are used as portals or enns help one to vibrate on the same vibration with the chosen entity🤔

hmm never heard of Goetic portals but portals to the demonic realms in general yes. The benefit is that you help the infernal divine in its pursuit of macroscopic alchemy and therefore are blessed by demonic beings. Those blessings can range from protection to prosperity etc. they will transform your life in a manner they seem fit.

Why would someone need to buy a “portal” when the Goetia is easy enough to contact on one’s own through a simple seal? :thinking:

I can see one big disadvantage though, especially for beginners who might think having such a thing will be a shortcut to power: giving the unbridled energies of the Goetia free reign in your home will make your house haunted, and if you do not have a channel for those energies, they will make their own, and cause any visitors to the home to be very uncomfortable (not to mention any pets, and possibly children and spouse).

I’d wager that most of those who would buy a portal from someone online probably has no idea how to close one lol


@Alakir, I have seen portals not only to realms but also to well known deities of the norse, hindu or roman mythologies, the 7 archangels, and some of the popular demons from the Goetia. The seller told me that portal will make it easier to reach them and an invocation is not necessary.

@Lil, Sure if I buy them I’ll update on my experience with using them. But as they cost money I would like to buy them only if they really have a significant advantage over evoking yourself.

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@DarkestKnight, Interesting point. Yes portals means the beings also have an access all the time to you as long as its open. But the portal I was referring is not an access to an entire realm or that anyone can enter, but it is to one specific being, in this case Zepar, but am not sure if his legions can access as well, but perhaps they can if he gives permission to them. As per what I read about the Goetia these are high level demons and hence they will be respectful if given respect as well. So I wonder if they will really cause the hauntings like we see in the Hollywood movies and documentaries.

Most people who have portals in their living space also have wards to keep the energies contained in one room, be that their temple or their bedroom. @Lady_Eva, has mentioned that she has portals in her bedroom/temple area but I believe she also has wards to prevent the energies from leaking and making her pets uncomfortable.


Portals, talismans, and secret prayers i have read, and see in ebay. But its not big difference.

@DarkestKnight yes I agree it is good to keep wards, what I read is that usually the portals come with gaurdians. This depends on the seller , but good conjurors sell their portals with gaurdians ,… from what I have seen, portals to specific beings don’t as it is a direct connection to the being, but if it is a portal to lets say angels vampires or djinns for instance then they have gaurdians,

@zorrito have you used portals? which ones have you used?

Poryal not really how to explain, see to. Me a portal is a invocation, tp others is a amulet. Or picture such yantra. Secrets prayers which are asking them to be more open from enchanting items on ebay. To framed pictures fromeurope, u may see colors, energy, feel weather change and noises. Stillhave to dismiss the spirts. Nothing big, except teyget tired, mad, its good for 3,or6 months. The wards, its bcse we as humans take a litle advantage ,tis is why wards.

@Naina would you please PM me link to the seller or the product description?

@Lil just sent the link. Am planning to do an evocation of Zepar tonight and see how it goes.

You know I honestly never thought of this. I bought a portal to an unknown location when I first got into magick and was just starting to learn. I bought it exactly because I thought it would give me a boost up. I’ve never used it and it just sits. But I now wonder if it’s been open this entire time.


@Nephenthe it depends… some portals need code words to open… some are open once you begin to meditate with it and invite it to be open… check your seller notes… if they have not mentioned anything about how to open it then it was most likely open.


@zorrito yes I agree first thing is protection when calling any spirit and then politely thank it to end the session, but do they come quicker when called with the portal?

I find the flaw with “portals” to the goetia having a mild issue, mainly because the goetia within the infernal are within their own provinces/places of rule within the Inernal Empire. They wouldn’t allow someone to easily portal into their place, they’re a nation like any other and would have ways to prevent some random person just entering unless it’s by the normal means.

however, they wouldnt need a portal to come to you.

Yeah I didnt get any actual notes on it. It was one of my first purchases I got on a whim. I tend to do that a lot.

@Nephenthe lol yes that impulse buying issue is there for me as well. At the moment I am trying hard to avoid buying the portal, at the same time I am also leaning towards getting it… in 2 minds … that’s why I am trying to find a good reason to either buy or not buy

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@anon48079295, possibly the conjuror has a pact with the entity to allow direct access to them.

Yes we don’t need portals to reach them, only thing is I was wondering if portals may give quicker access to them or get quicker attention from them… for instance instead of doing an hour long meditation, they may notice our call in 5 minutes, something like that