Portal sigils?

Please link me to it if there is another forum post already on this but I’m wondering is there a way to make a sigil that’s essentially a portal to another realm? If so how would I create and enter it? I don’t see how you can physically stare opening a sigil then suddenly see your surroundings have changed…

Any thoughts on this? Would be also cool if I could do this I’d make a sigil that leads directly to my friends house or something

I don’t think these are generally called “sigils” unless you’re using chaos techniques.

Examples of this are is the Kingdom of Flames by E. A. Koetting. The squares are portals. The book tells you in detail how to use them.
In another of his works, The Book of Azazel there’s I think 3 portals, and two look kinds like sigils, and one portal is drawn like a gateway.

You don’t need a portal for this, just go there. Set your intention and visualize where you want to be standing in his house and be there. Portals are more for letting other things though from dimensions where they otherwise can’t come from, or going there to meet them. You’re already here on Earth so you can go where you want.


Do you think I could make like a portal of some sort that would be a key into someone’s dreams? Like I stare into it and I can have a literal control panel of there dreams like whatever I imagine happens in there dream the next night, that would be way to OP but an amazing tool to have, almost reminds me of a sigil for telepathic communication or something

Dreamwalking is possible. But will the victim remember the dream? Who knows

I know dream walking is possible but what I’m asking is is there a way to make a sigil that will allow me to connect to them while I’m awake, or at least a sigil specially connected to them that I can send telepathic messages through

Seems possible in theory

You don’t need a portal for this either. It’s just the wrong tool for the job. Like trying to use a phone number and expecting an address.

Check out the book Dreamwalking by Michele Belanger for techniques.
Warning: dreams are not always nice and you don’t know what you’re going to get.

You are awake in dreamwalking, unless you’re lucid dreaming.

Yes true about the dreams, thanks!