Portal Magick

Before we get started I need to tell everyone that the spirit I got the info from will be known as E. That’s all I’ll say for that.

Let’s get started. I’ll just type out the QnA I did.

Are there only one-way and two-way portals? If not, what other kinds of portals are there? Three-way?
There are many kinds of portals. Not just two-way or three-way.

What’s a simple way of making a one-way portal?
Extend your hands in front of you, visualize door. On the other side is your destination, walk through the door.

How can I keep it protected from intruders and potential outside forces?
Setting up a defense around the barrier.

How would I go about making a portal for an energy current?
Visualize an open window and air coming through, except that air is the energy of that current.

Are portals for energy accessible for spirits?
Yes, since spirits are essentially energy themselves they can move through them.

How would I go about making a portal for a specific entity that only he can come through?
When making the portal, specify that the portal is only for that spirit and only he can come through.

Are portals only gateways and door to places and things?
They’re a method of transportation.
(This question and answer were odd because the spirit seemed like it had more to say but didn’t. Though this may just be my mind tricking me.)

Is it possible to make a physical portal?
Yes, with a long of energy.

Is there such a thing as a portal to someone’s soul?
The mind can act as a portal to someone’s soul. The mind is connected with their being, with their soul.

Are there limits to portals?
Outside influenced can limit portals.

Can portals become conscious and sentient?
No, they are a figment/creation of/from someone’s mind.

Is there a chance they “backfire”?
If someone highjacks it.

How can I create a portal to any and every realm or dimension?
Connect the portal with the energy of the universe(at first she was gonna say every dimension but that seemed a little bit impossible).

What are need to know things when working with portals?
Start small, always put up a barrier on them, focus.

That’s it for now. I will probably be doing some experimentation and asking more questions soon so I may update this thread.


Thank you! I just started reading this. I’m saving this for later.

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Just finished reading this. Thank you to both you and „E“. You said that’s it for now, but if you do end up asking E any other questions, can you ask if we can create portals to what we manifest, like a life where we’re with the perfekt person… etc. Anyway if not, I thank you for this post anyway. :slight_smile:

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Sure thing. If you have any other questions then I can ask them.

Okay great! Thanks :).I’ll put out an offering for E.

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