Porcupine Quills, Death Adder skin & Human Ashes

So I’ve got some new ingredients on the way as the title says.
Some porcupine quills and an almost complete Death Adder shed skin.
The human ashes (bone fragments) I already have.

Any suggestions on uses?

I bought them for my altar / curio cabinet but am curious what I can potentially use them for should the need arise :slight_smile:

Eos xo


No idea - I personally don’t source items unless I know what I want them for. If I’m drawn to them in nature, then I’ll keep them until the time is right, and that’s also when I find out what they were for. My staff came to me that way.

It may be that the path you will use these on hasn’t started yet, it could be years or it could be days, it could be never and all they are is decoration.

I’d say, unless someone has a bright idea here that puts you on such a path, e.g. necromancy to talk to the spirit of that dead human, just keep the usual eye out for signs and synchronicities that clue you in.

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Oh I completely agree.

All of the above Ive purchased have been bought purely because I wanted to add them into my curio cabinet. I have a bunch of other stuff in there (animal skulls & bones, antlers, wet & diaphonised specimens etc). It’s just a bonus if I find a working I can use them in.

I know the snakeskin can be utilised in baneful hoodoo works, the quills I know less about, but the were cheap, and harder to get in Australia so I wasn’t going to say no :joy:

Quills could be used to stab a doll. For death curses. Actually most of these things can be used for curses. The quils though could be used for love actually. You could say something along the lines “my love is as sharp as these quills” etc.

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