Popularity in the occult is rising among millennials

Interesting article. First stefan molyneux and now this? Soon people will be funding the creation of Hogwarts


You have to understand Life as a test VS Life as an experience . The essence of SANATAN DHARMA / SPIRITUAL SATANISM is that there is One God One Truth and One Reality which is revealed in number of ways . This is the reason for this plurality in Hinduism . Different rishis , gurus , incarnations , gods , yogis , masters have delivered varied perspectives about the one truth .

There aint any "One size fits for all " approach in Spirituality . Abrahamic faiths are basically Salvation Theologies which means that everyone needs to be saved from an eternal punishment in Hell which in my opinion is a topkek .

Both Islam and Christianity claim that unless you dont belong to their faiths you cant be saved . The concept of christianity is based upon original sin meaning that our very nature from birth is innately sinful and atonement can only be found through faith in christ’s death and resurrection .

Islam on the other hand has an idea that if you become moslem and believe in the revelation of muhammed you will be saved from hell fire .

But Hinduism is not a salvation theology and can be called Sanatana Dharma / Spiritual Satanism where spiritual practice is done to attain higher level of consciousness and elevate to higher plane of existence .

There is no concept of being saved from Hellfire . There is rather an idea that through yoga and meditation you can evolve over time and unite with God and or be like a God . There is no division of world into this class of believers and non believers . I said in the beginning life as an experience right ? Although we acknowledge there are various paths to Truth but not every path could be legitimate . If a religion incite violence terrorism and unrighteousness then obviously such path cannot be accepted and must be destroyed .

Truth for Abrahamic faiths is not a state that one can realize rather it is set of doctrines centered around historic personalities like Moses Jesus Abraham Muhammed David and such . Over centuries these doctrines were discussed developed and consolidated . Eventually they were canonized into a set of texts that became Torah Bible and Quran . At some point they became state religion and now they are dominant faiths in the world - Christianity and islam .

But the reliance on historical events is critical for these faiths. For instance if it came to light that deeds and message of Jesus is not as the Bible depicts then this Christian salvation theology will collapse .

Likewise if the Quran was found to have been compiled by many individuals and not the prophet Muhammed then Islam as a Salvation theology would also fall apart .

Santan Dharma and or Spiritual Satanism do not rests on historic events , the goal is to attain higher state of consciousness through Spiritual Practices like Power Meditations , Yoga , Tantra etc .

Abrahamic faiths state that there is only one life as a result there is urgency to have all sins and all merits accounted for after death.There is so much justice and inequality in life and all of this needs be reconciled by the “Day of Judgement” where God balances the scale of justice . On the other hand We SS aka spiritual satanists or Sanatan Dharmi know that the life we lead is just one of the many stories our soul goes through i.e. The Law of Karma .

Abrahamic faiths also reject the idea that there is any kind of oneness of the soul and God . hence it becomes easy for them to build this fake concept of eternal damnation in hell . We Spiritual satanists or Sanatan Dharmi knowing divine nature of soul do spiritual practice to attain a higher state of consciousness and realize the truth .

As for athiesm , it is bastardized mutation of abrahamic faiths.

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From what I have seen the occult the millennials follow are more focused on the RPH. It’s very much “muh pece in dis world, me vay is dee rigt vay”

Facebook is a clear exemplar…


Yeah… I don’t care for dedicated RHP people… I don’t really care for dedicated LHP people either though…
I do like the people who decide to follow neither LHP or RHP, instead choosing to follow their own path that often resides in the middle of the two. That said, all three directions (LHP, RHP, MP) have equal amounts of potential for ascension, but their methodology and mentality is different.


Meh, that’s perspective. “My way or the high way”. I’m actually a millennial, but I’m usually very different from the rest of the crowd.[quote=“Sheogorath, post:3, topic:18231”]
Facebook is a clear exemplar…
A lot of the Facebook groups are bullshit. I learned off of them and then dropped them.

We have something in common.


Lol, I’m a millennial Chaote/LHPer and the only other practitioner of magic that has been in my life was an also-millennial Wiccan who was all about peace. Let’s just say that if we meet again, there’s a 70% chance I’d lose my shit if they try to speak to me. I used magic to keep them away from me and cause some misfortune upon them, although they wouldn’t know that since I turned to magic hoping to get back at them for some BS.
But yeah, I’m having trouble finding actual traditional witchcraft books online because Wiccans keep cranking out more books claiming their hippie 1920’s recon witch religion based on speculation was the “Old Religion” of Europe (Paneuropean? Hardly. Wicca is based on some pretty biased assumptions). Really the only thing Wicca is good for is elemental, herbal and moon magic sources.


Whops, some words on my comment has been cut out. What I meant was from most of the millennians I seen, this has been the occurrence.

My iPhone has been fooling with me lately…


Atheism isn’t even a religion. It’s just a term to define someone who doesn’t believe in gods. By that logic atheists reject much of the teachings of Abrahamic faiths.


I see all these people (Millennials and older), not knowing ANYTHING about the occult, and just buying all this merch and paraphernalia. Everyone and their mother has 8,000 crystals, practices yoga, or thinks they are a healer. On the other hand we have these brands making “dark, witchy” clothes and purses. Pentagrams everywhere. Seals of Satan on the clothes of “edgy” idiots…
I laugh because they know nothing while keeping a very good cover for the real witches. There will never be a witch hunt in the US or probably Europe because these “children” have made it trendy, therefore allowing us to live in peace in the shadows of their antics.
While those who dabble make me laugh, the altruistic little, tiny corner of my heart is happy because all of the above mentioned IS probably helping human evolution as a whole.
The idiots buying black panties with a pentagram on the ass for the sake of an Instagram selfie are doing nothing for humanity. However the RHP dabblers who talk about love and healing, while they are some of the sickest people I know, are usually engaging in some sort of community service. They may refuse to look at their shadow selves but at least they realise that there are some deeper forces at hand than can be seen on the surface, and that the point of life is to live.


good point. I also noticed they mentioned in the article that the occult “business” has only grown 2% from 2011 to 2016 so the progress is still quite slow


Ooh I can recommend some traditional witchcraft booos for you if you like !

I can totally relate !

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Partially related, I got some materials to make some wooden talismans that I plan to sell to people in my town to make some money on the side. Just something to give me something to do more than anything, although I do plan on starting an actual occult shop at some point.

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Please do, I’ve been going on a goose chase finding some books. The only author of the subject I’ve read so far is Gemma Gary.

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Agreed. I cannot see the benefits of being one sided

I need to check my old computer but once I do I’ll get back to you !

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May I kindly suggest the dark paganism of the O.N.A.?


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@Uncle-Al Oh, the ONA. Yes! I thought I was the only one. I’ve worked a bit with their material. What I’ve seen has given me a certain respect for that order. They also terrify and disturb me. I’ve never seen anything so outright evil.


So tell me, is the history of the O.N.A real or fabricated? Does it matter? And Myatt, what of him? Their early material is best. Their methodology works. I tend to use septenary divination on account of the O.N.A. Their ideology is pure and effective, their methodology is sinister and active.

I believe in culling. I’ve disseminated a lot of paranoid reasons and unverifiable false history that will be used as mind-numbing justifications for the culling to come, when the herd turns upon itself. You?


I couldn’t say. As I said I’ve only worked a bit with their material. All I can say is that their methods seem to work.[quote=“Uncle-Al, post:20, topic:18231”]
I believe in culling. I’ve disseminated a lot of paranoid reasons and unverifiable false history that will be used as mind-numbing justifications for the culling to come, when the herd turns upon itself. You?
That is my major problem with the ONA. Neither senseless murder nor Nazi ideology appeals to me.