Popularity demon [Feeling lonely and barely having friends]

I was wondering what demon has ability to make someone popular/make a lot of new friends…i tried searching in the forum for demon for popularity, but didnt get anything that i wanted, mostly it would be about “the most popular demons on the forum” or demons for “popularity” but not so much about actual popularity rather about being respected in your job or people recognising your work and skills, but im not looking for demon that can get me promotion lol, i was wondering what demon can make you popular among people in general, for ex. in university, make people drawn to you and get you new friends, what demon can help with that if anyone here knows or has experience with it? I heard Sargatanas can make woman obsessed with you, but is he willing to work with woman and make man drawn to you? I mostly see only guys talking about demon making them get laid, not so much woman talking about that :sweat_smile:

It’s not an uncommon question but everyone approaches it differently. Some by identifying a root cause like “insecurity” or lack of confidence, for example, so you’d have to guess that kind of thing a try different search terms. Others don’t have an issue getting along but need more exposure to opportunity.

So there’s a couple of approaches:

  1. Dantalion and Paimon are often worked with for self improvemet of this nature. Belial is good for courage.
  2. A general attraction spell just worded for the intention to attract friends… and maybe the right friends (as opposed to lovers, which is very common as well) would also help.


Works fine all ways :slight_smile: The techniques are unisex, and you can edit to suit: so it comes down to whether it’s the right technique for your personal energy system. I myself posted my experiences with pros and cons in the love tutorials collection thread about my experiment with Grimorium Verum Contact Me spell, which was written for a man but I edited it and used it as a woman and it worked fine first time.


Works fine all ways :slight_smile: The techniques are unisex, and you can edit to suit: so it comes down to whether it’s the right technique for your personal energy system. I myself posted my experiences with pros and cons in the love tutorials collection thread about my experiment with Grimorium Verum Contact Me spell, which was written for a man but I edited it and used it as a woman and it worked fine first time.

Which gromorium verum has that spell,??

There’s only one Grimorium Verum. I used the copy edited and republished by Tarl Warwick aka Styxhexenhammer666. He is an occultist himself and edits and republishes old Grimoires as a labour of love, so he has a lot of tasty treats if you look for his name on Amazon.

Here’s the link to the post.

And the book. There are other versions reprinted by other authors as well.

Yea i was wondering it had to be an edited version the one i have feels like i cant do most stuff since its pretty dark stuff you gotta mix. Ill check that one out thanks.

This one is true to the original medieval version as well, they all should be so if you’ve got one you shouldn’t need another.

It’s a case of cherry picking what you want and editing it to suit to add what you now about inserting your will through intent into the mix, and visualising the outcome as already accomplished.

Remembering that the props are props, they’re not there to do the magick for you, they’re there to get your head into the right space to do it yourself… so like baking a cake, you can make substitutes, and skip the ‘recipes’ you don’t like, as long as it means something to you.

E.g. The invisibility spell: it looks very silly and there’s no reason it would actually work. But I could edit it to, say, use a pumpkin that represents people that would look at me (sympathetic magick works great), and make for it to work as a spell to influence others so that I go unnoticed.

So I take the book generally as more for inspiration, but the "Come to me spell " works as is just fine. What it doesn’t do is make any guarantees on how, why or attitude of the person you want to have come. So in hindsight I would layer it with an attraction or influence spell.


Im definately new to that what type of atteaction spell or influence woud you recomend?

I would actually suggest the exact same as the ones I did in the 2nd post above … popularity and attraction go hand in hand. Popularity demon - #2 by Mulberry

(I love it when tings come full circle. :smiley: )

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I was wondering what demon/entity can help you “become popular” and gain a lot of friends/desired friends?

I grew up as a “popular person” and always had a large circle of friends and was known by others, but as I started to grow up, I separated with a lot of them and also had fallen into wrong group of people (because of which people judged me, thinking I am like them) so because of that I haven’t made a lot of friends besides them.

I left them quite long time ago and people are indeed nicer to me now, but still. I do have friends its just that I don’t have “best friends” anymore, lets word it that way. For example, I do have friends that I see occasionally, but I am not their “priority” because they have other closer friends (hope yll know what I mean) and because of that I feel really lonely when I have free time/holidays, but I just root in bed because every friend of mine that I contacted already had plans.

So I just really want to become what I used to be, one of “popular kids” with large circles/friend groups, because I feel like I am wasting the best years of my life while everyone is out there having fun, because I have no one.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

Didn’t you post the same topic a year ago here: Popularity demon [Feeling lonely and barely having friends]

From memory @Mulberry and other members posted some useful advice.

What have you done since then?

For reference you may want to keep all your posts on the same issue in the same thread so that members can follow your journey and advice is not duplicated unnecessarily. Plus it keeps the forum tidy. :+1:

I will leave it to @Mulberry and @DarkestKnight if they want to merge the threads together

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I am sorry but I genuinely don’t see those “good advices” that were posted? One moderator wrote about Dantalion and Paimon but for confidence (and I don’t really have any issues w that? I am not insecure person and I am pretty much confident) and the second thing they wrote about was “general attraction spell” just worded differently to attract friends instead of lovers? (and thats kind of a tricky thing because first of all you need to moderate spell, and second of all you can never know if its actually going to work, because its not like when you ask demons for help so you know that “someone” is working on it)

And the other responses were literally all between one random person and moderator and had nothing to do with what I asked, the person was just asking moderator for informations about love spell.

So sorry, but I don’t really see what you are talking about?

@ashh Please don’t make duplicate posts for the same topic. I have merged these together.

As you have stated that the existing ideas didn’t work for you, then it makes sense to be able to see that they’ve been suggested and discarded, so that people don’t just repeat the same ideas without realising.

It’s ok to bump a post by responding to it, maybe with some of the things you have been trying in the last year. In this case responding to what I said, that “popularity and confidence go hand in hand” with the info that you are confident already would have been helpful and kept the ideas coming.

By the way, I was NOT responding “as a moderator” but as a fellow practitioner. While I do go out of my way to think of something for posts that don’t get a lot of response.

I also mentioned you can EDIT existing spells to suit your situation better. There’s no reason you could not have called Dantalion and asked him to help you find new friends, or used any honey jar or “come to me spell” for friends instead of lovers. All you had to do was change one word, from lover to freind and you had it in your hand.

If what you need is new friends than that’s what attraction spells are FOR. Straight up law of attraction and avoiding it’s pitfalls would also be important here.

Also try the search for more options, using keywords like “attract friends” and “lonely”. This one looks helpful:


Okay, thank you.

I know that you have a lot of knowledge, so I want to ask you some questions. First, can you use demons that are more about “lust” and “attraction” for something like attracting friends? Because I’ve found some good working demons, but usually everyone is talking about how they can get you hookups, but I was wondering if instead of “lustful” attraction, they can just attract people to be friends?

And second one, can women use demons that are dominantly used by men for women? For example, Sitri seems like great demon, but all I see is men talking about how he got them laid, I don’t know if I saw any woman talking about him in that way. So I was wondering is he also able to bring men to women?

Although not a ‘demon’, Trumiel sounds just like what you’re after on the friendship front. In fact Zanna Blaise’s book Angels of Love has a friendship ritual primarily featuring Trumiel that I recommend.
The ritual is performed every second day for 30 days, but its not much of a grind as its straightforward and is fairly quick once you get the hang of it.

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Every second for 30 days? Hopefully it’s a quick ritual as otherwise that might be difficult

I think you’re missing a word there…

So a total of 15 tmes

A lot of demons can make you popular. If you read through the descriptions of 70% of them, they can win favors with other people, cause reconciliation, connect you with friends (including those of higher social or financial status), improve your reputation, stir infighting among people who don’t like you. Some ones I can name are Marquis Amon (he isn’t the nicest), Marquis Forneus, Marquis Ronové, Duke Barbatos, President Botis (works for reconciliation)