Popular Musician/ Behemoth tattoo - Slowthai

Guys! What are your thoughts on this ?
As title says theirs a tattoo of Behemoth from the Dictionnaire Infernal on this musician’s neck.
Anything to it or just a show off?
At 0.29
[slowthai - nhs - YouTube]

Probably neither. I suspect it’s just part of how he wants to express himself.

Magickal tattoos are usually sigils, seals, symbols and portals. If you see a lucifer sigil, valknut or mjolnir on someone’s hand, that’s magickal. A drawing, probably not.

The person themselves would have to say. If anyone happens to have seen/read interviews with the guy maybe it came up in conversation - you could search for “interview” plus the name and watch them to see for yourself if he gets asked about it.

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Most of his interviews are from last year and it seems he got the tattoo very recently. Checked out his insta some interesting pics portraying apples horns and one eye oh well

Should have said or the magical intentions/purpose with just the drawing, but I’m famously out of edits for the day again. :woman_facepalming:

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it immediately screamed “Baron Samedi” to me (like practically slapped me in the face with that impression) but that’s probably cheating since I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you mention several times that you work with the loa :stuck_out_tongue: