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I made a poppet of the male I intend to work on. My intention is to basically enslave their mind to force them to work towards becomming a better human overall. It is made from 3 yarns. And within his head I placed a hair tie strewn and tangled with hair from the target. I even made it in his image. And gave it a slave collar of red with links knotted in.

What would I do from here to consecrate him as the extension of my target? Is there a ritual or do I just work myself into thinking the poppet is the real man? Never did this before, could use some assistance please.


If they have any characteristics that you can put on do it (say mole on face or missing an arm etc) and write his name on a piece of paper and put it on the inside imagine their face as you cast the binding should be enough to make it target them


I personally ‘baptise’ the Doll during my ritual by running it through the incense and naming the Doll as a true likeness and image of … All that happens to this Doll will happen too … I also have my Demon watch this and use a sigil under the Doll.

If you want to dominate this person to your will, pee on it.at some point during the ritual. Female urine has that use in a ritual .

Visualise intensely that the poppet is the person, think of their smell, touch and voice etc


Yes, consecrate the doll as a symbol of your target? You should create your own ritual for a specific task that the poppet is created for it is up to you to devise the casting and intent.

Many reccomend after you are done working with the poppet and it’s tasks are complete, dispose of the doll. This can be done by burial, burning or throwing the poppet in water or even the trash will do, some reccomend burying the doll near the targets home.

This link has some pretty good tips on making and using poppets:


Im partial to putting it through a woodchipper.

I agree with creating your own ritual for the consecration. Makes it more you


Thank you, everyone. Mostly I wanted to know the different ways to do so as a guideline for my own ritual. As for special appearances… well, he has long hair, a bigger body (like a bear), and he has four of the same exact grey shirts and hair ties. As for where to keep him, I told the target that it’s “Little …” and set it upon the shelf, feigning it to be a gift. It is currently watching over him as he sleeps. I will consecrate it tomorrow. I do like the name note idea. Give it extra power. Thank you all for the help. Any more guidance is always appreciated.

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