Poor Knight of the Temple of Darkness/Black Templars

I know you are far too busy to throw your effort into forming another Formal Order. But I see such a growing swell of Mages and Sorcerers, who may or may not use your system, who though they are very solitary, still have the will to form a loose “Masonic Like” Fraternal Magickal Order of Lodges, which, now that you want to not hide our work, could really fill the hungry niche where we could work together.
How cool would it be to drive into a town and in the welcome sign right next to the slowly dying Masonic Lodge lamen, would be the Lamen for the “Black Templars”? And how man masons would be more than happy to cross over from the ever growing sham of cathlobaptist masonry which id really devoid of of the mysteries and power it should have ?
We could use your OAA flames as a template; and Demonolatry is pregnant with possibilities.
Would you even be willing or able to give more or verbal backing if not able to actually ‘be the leader’. ?
James Staples V
Frater Draco Dark Matter