Pomba Gira

Hi guys! I am new to this platform but have come across this many times to read about others and their experiences. I have been connecting with Pomba Gira with doing the prayer for her along with offerings but I have them at my home separately. I want to say that her prayer is powerful and yes i have seen outcome to be great… i want to say sometimes i can see her outcome to come in a day or two, sometimes weeks, but she is great for begininers if anyone is reading and looking into it. I want to gain other people’s input who have connect with Pomba Gira and other spirits related to love! Thanks!


Good to hear that!!
What changes have you noticed already…?

Well this guy is never the type to hit me up first nor do we talk as much… before it was always me that hit him up or initiated the conversation first making myself look desperate, with the prayer… he hits me up first which us not expected from this guy. Its a big difference to me cause i know how he is and he really is the type of guy who doesnt hit up anyone first

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Aha i see. Yeah definitely its something!! It means that he is thinking of you…lets see now
Keep us updated! :slight_smile:

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