Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and love spell gone crazy, not completely sure what to do

Im involved into a crazy situation, and all I want is for it to turn into something normal. a One on One relationship. But I dont think my Patron Pomba Gira has the same plans.

Ok so my history.
I met a guy on Facebook 4 years ago. I lived in Cali, he lived in Florida. it was never thought of to become what it is now.
Anyways, I make jewelry and I am a long haul trucker. 2 years of him buying pieces from me, I had just moved with my family and exhusband and started a trucking job.in new mexico This guy asks me if i’m ever in his area, to look him up and he’d buy me coffee. So my first load delivery happens to be in Florida. we meet up and talk a bit and I go on my way. I cant stop thinking about him, I feel like hes a long lost soul and my entire being is aching to see him again. I don’t know how to tell him this, but we end up meeting again the next day and jumping right into a sexual liaison. he tells me hes divorced, not seeing anyone, and I believe him.
Me tho, i’m cynical and don’t take things at face value. I’ve known him at this point online for over 2 years, so i go searching for his history, do a background check(lol) and find out he is divorced, so again I believe him, until i see messenger pop up on his phone while were out on a date. This is after I had just moved to Florida to be closer to him.
things start looking like hes being dishonest and I ask his friend if shes seeing him as well. Turns out she is.
we end up confronting him together and he goes berserk and dumps both of us. I call on pomba gira and make a sort of pact with her to keep him with me. I even have her ponto self tattooed on my wrist as a symbolization of my honoring her if she keeps him to me. me and her end up consoling one another and becoming good friends. we then end up talking him into a 3 way polyamarous relationship. I have never been bisexual or with more than one person, but I end up enjoying it in a way. I am hardwired for male tho, and it makes her jealous of me, so we 3 end up splitting up and shes completely blocked me in every way. he continues to see both of us, and i occasionally cast petitions to get him to desire only me. so far it hasn’t worked. the last week or so, since i did the blood moon ritual, i’ve been thinking of her and wanting to get back into a 3 way again instead of putting all my energy into something i clearly don’t think he wants to be committed to just myself. he is Sagittarius to the core. Today he asked me if i minded him telling her whats going on with me lately because she asks how i’m doing all the time(at the point she blocked m i told him not to tell her any of my business) In some ways I would like to have that ‘security’ of two partners to go back and forth to, but i’m not sure she really wants to go that route herself. i told him to ask her today if she’d be willing to communicate at least and unblock me, especially since she’s always asking about me… I actually got so mad at her at one point I was sending baneful works her way to get her away from him…but…she just happens to be a witch as well(d’oh!) lol
Its been a roller coaster ride, but through it all, I love this guy like he was an extension of my own soul. Then again, so does she. and He feels the same way about us both.
So I have to wonder, whats next here in this crazy mixed up love affair gone haywire.
Do I keep invoking more energy towards getting him all to myself, which is what I really want and desire deep down, or to keep him happy, let him continue to see us both and work on possible rekindling the friendship of the threesome.

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I could be wrong because this situation is very complex, but it seems to me that you and the other woman both may have cast spells on each other. You both agreed to something that you clearly did not want in order to maintain your ties to your Common Man. Remember that it does not matter what your sexual orientation is; if you imbibe someone else’s sexual fluid, it binds you to them. I think that you need to concentrate on protecting yourself from whatever she may be putting on you and freezing her out of the situation.

I have learned from personal experience that you should not forget the mundane in everything magickal that you do. While you are still in this threesome situation, I would collect as much of her personal effects that you can to use against her while remembering to protect yourself from whatever she might be doing. Play the game for now if he means that much to you. Let her mess up.

As far as the man goes, collect your menstrual blood to put in his food and/or drink to bind him to you only.