Pomba Gira, Love matter

Hello! I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I was the one who decided to end things due to him pushing me away over the last two months for undisclosed personal (and allegedly very overwhelming) problems. I respectfully asked Pomba Gira Maria Padilha to help me with my situation, as I wanted him to come back and fight for me (and change his behaviour), as I still have very strong feelings for him. I am extremely satisfied with the results so far, for which I thank Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and I praise her name daily. The next day after having told him goodbye he texted me, apparently asking something neutral, but that developed into a nice conversation. I kept receiving texts the following days, too, and today we had a phone call. We decided to meet somewhere in December to talk about what happened and to see what is to be done: we either try again, we stay friends or we never contact each other again. I asked him if he would try again and he said yes, but we both acknowledged that the situation is complicated. I really, really want that conversation to turn into a reconciliation, even though I know that the situation is indeed complicated and that he might (but hopefully not) suggest staying friends. My question is, how can I further pay my respects to Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and ask her to help me with this meeting? When I first contacted this brilliant queen, I made offerings and I’ve been reading her prayer every night. Should I make another offering? Should I make a specific request? What is there to be done in order to raise my chances of reconciliation? Also, due to work-related circumstances, we will be spending a few days together in the same apartment (along with other people who cannot know about us). Any spell to increase his attraction to the point of making him initiate contact (i.e. touching hands, stroking my hair, talking sweetly etc.). Thank you!

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You can make her offerings but you also got to remember that he has a free will which meaning that its his choice thats if he wants to be with you. You can increase your attraction spell towards him.

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I’m not familiar with Pomba Gira, but other entities that deal with some things you might be interested in:

King Beleth: Controlling emotions
Marquis Amon: Reconciliation
Prince Sitri: Attraction

Good luck.


I’d argue that you can force your will upon him but then he becomes a thrall and do you really want a thrall?