Polysyllabic Ventilations

Polysyllabic Ventilations

Television is full of either ‘Happy Joe Happy & His Happy Friends’ or ‘Friendly Joe Friendly and His Friendly Friends’. Cooking shows like Sectarian Chef where different religious groups battle it out in the kitchen only to be judged by atheistic scientists and the occasional porn starlet. Or Sheltered Workshop Chef where disabled people are grouped into their disabilities and prepare food to be judged by guest neurosurgeons and the occasional criminally insanity case, locked by themselves in a cage.

Television is is chock-a-block, jam packed full of mind-numbing crap – real lowest common denominator stuff. Cupcake Wars, Robot Wars, Aftershave Wars and real wars edited down to inconsequential seconds. Then there’s the commercials, “Are you fucked in the head? Because have we got an offer for you…These mail order brides have hardly been used…but wait, there’s more, they each come with needy families, lots of them, overseas for now…It’s hard not to laugh at those less fortunate and at Tranby College we have accredited courses in qualified and advanced swearing, body language and alcohol studies…”

What passes for the sanitised News broadcast is smiling, reassuring Talking-Heads reading a heavily self-edited, predigested, asinine, group-think script aimed at diversion from reality at the expense of knowledge and sanity. And every second programme is a murder show – American murder investigation dramas, British homicide investigation programmes and Australian manslaughter investigation shows. Fuck me! Death is really popular, particularly when delivered in a televised hour with the condensed simplicity and brutally direct honesty of a medieval morality play.

I used to hate all of that shit and the scrapings from the bottom of the gene pool; every single fucking one walking comfortably in lockstep to the all pervasive, self-driven and self-effacing religion of Cretinism – until I learnt how to use them against themselves, for my amusement and Self Divinity. Why wait when there’s just so many abundant opportunities? “Fuck Them All!” I really and truly believe this.

What are ignorantly deluded John and Elsie Lunchbucket or their intellectually and morally stunted off-spring to me? I don’t care. What would be the point? I’m not nasty. I’m fucking no-holds-barred honest! I should get my own radio show: “Old Uncle Al is a Satanic Low Priest of the cheap and effective left hand path mysteries. And he’s waiting for you call…What made the authorities think I wasn’t going to give detailed, easy suicide techniques or talk implicitly and incessantly about the whys and wherefores licit drug highs on-air? So what if I discourse upon the Black Mass, it’s ritual and purposes? The switchboard goes into meltdown and advertisers love me…”

I’d have a paid stooge Xtian character called Brighton Urly telephone in with depressing lines we’d rehearsed. And it would end up a ahte filled tirade of sicker, more disturbing, memory haunting philosophical positions. With music like The Anaemic Boyfriends: Guys Are Not Proud and The Waitresses: I Know What Boys Like, mine would be ground breaking, indeed earth-shattering radio.



I really wanted that to be a thing.


“The day went by just as days go by. I killed it in accordance with my primitive and withdrawn way of life.” Hermann Hesse Steppenwolf

Seriously, I’m lhp, hence totally self-centred. I honestly don’t give a fuck for the plebs. I am already a living God Man compared to those cheap, nasty, over produced, on medication ambulatory turds! Look around. Heaps of them! Heaps of them everywhere! All with grubby, low-life street-smarts and ill concealed monkey-cunning.

From these masses come huge amounts of inertia. I have already performed wildly successful ongoing Magick based (in part) upon this inertia. And I’m also ready to collect and (mis)direct the types of near physical energy the masses will soon release. That’s one of the firm foundations of my lhp – the adaptability to use whatever is available.

The reason I post is simply to help – if I can – for there are a lot more of them than us. Although Satan counts what’s in heads rather than simply heads. That’s why I post, to try and help. I’ve made lots of mistakes and discovered inexpensively effective short-cuts. Think of me as the sinister path uncle you never had: full of black humour, snide observations, perverted asides and with the real good stuff in his covert hip-flasks and deep pockets.



I like you. Wish I had a specific question to ask… how do you personally use that inertia?

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If you really liked me you’d send money – lots of it.

Can’t go into the details of my personal use because it’s complicated, being related to separate disciplines and practice. To use inertia generally: on a national day of remembrance and solemnity, have a picnic or party; while everyone else is at ‘The Game’ you’re at the Art Gallery; because everybody sinks into the inertia of fashioning themselves like everybody else, you don’t and therefore project your distinctive style.

About two decades ago I used to lecture to audiences of five to six hundred at a time, about three or four times yearly. Sheeple in large herds are generally robotic and easy to manipulate, often mesmerise. I used to suck up their energies and direct these back to them.

About eight years ago I got internet conspiracy aficionados to spread my black political propaganda. Since then I’ve been published in book form and translated into a number of languages. The point is, the world is full of real hard mental cases, solid brick walls of dumb – I exploited them and they spread my messages. This work has and will continue to shape the realities of millions.



What did it feel like to give those lectures? How did you compose yourself, and how did you contain all that energy?

When young I sat mesmerised watching Adolf Hitler speeches. I didn’t understand what he was saying, I was just absorbed in his process. By osmosis I learned and trained myself. This helped when I learnt about the Elhaz rune body posture (palms facing upward) for collecting and directing energies. I can’t give instructions because I was in my young teens and forget the process of acquiring those skills. I did study a lot of Adolf Hitler speeches and body movements.

I started with caffeine and a toilet break. I knew what I’d say. I got quiet. Then I exploded, for example: I stand there saying nothing until there’s dead silence, then “Everything you’ve heard [name] say today was absolutely disgusting, completely reprehensible [audience is stunned and silent]…and unfortunately…unfortunately entirely true!” [audience erupts]. At this early point I’m collecting energy. Then I throw it back and the process continues.


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